Favorite Guitar Related YouTube Channels?

Michael Palmisano, Darrell Braun, Rick Beato, BrejaToneWorks and StewMac

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You make me laugh out loud… Yes really if something irritates me (like this) but I want to be very clear (and not hurt people who don’t see it the same way) I can easily say 4x (?)as much about it with many more examples why this is actually not right :roll_eyes:…, so count yourself lucky :rofl:

What? If this is actually a rule, then I would like to say something bad about it: it’s absurd. Are we in kindergarten? (My mom told me if you can’t say anything nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all. But that was a long time ago and I think I’ve outgrown that lesson.)

Can I say something negative about a piece of gear? Are we allowed to say that a concert we saw sucked?

If you think a youtube guitar teacher is a poor teacher, you should absolutely say so. If that is against the rules, then you should argue that the rule be changed.

Hi @jjw1 Ho, have a calming glass of water :blush:
It is one of Justin’s rules that we don’t diss, speak bad of other teachers here…that kind of stuff /thing …not piece of gear stuff…dutchman trying english is always tricky :blush:.

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I’m just borrowing a comparison from Toby ( sorry if it’s not appropriate @TheMadman_tobyjenner
then I remove it)…we’re in the best restaurant in the world…and the boss of the restaurant is in the table behind us,all the food is good and goes very well together,but I still remember that I had something tastier potatoes as a side dish somewhere else…and I’m going to say that out loud…

that’s what I meant by “the inappropriate feeling” I wrote earlier…

Indeed, I had a cup of tea and am calmer :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a look at the rules for the community here: Community Etiquette and Rules

I don’t see the rule you mention, unless you mean this:

  • No personal attacks

I think a reasoned critique of a youtube teacher, even if very negative, should not be construed as a personal attack. But, maybe there are additional rules posted elsewhere.

Ok, this list will probably be only useful for Metalheads, but (even if they’re above (sometimes way above) my level) I like watching song specific lessons for the Metal bands I love, so I’m going to recommend a few teachers which aren’t too well known (as everybody should know Carl Brown’s GuitarLessons365 already):

Tim Holman: His song lessons are among the best I’ve seen in Youtube. He has song lessons for several bands, and he’s on a mission to teach all Metallica songs starting from their first album, too bad he’s hasn’t been releasing too many lessons lately, and only covered the first 2 albums so far (and one song from MoP).
RomanOva: A bit too theory heavy for my taste, but also excellent. He’s in the same mission as Tim for Metallica, and already ahead of him, even while mixing it with a similar mission for Dream Theater (starting from their second album).
metaldude: Has already covered most of Metallica’s discography (even including St. Anger) alongside with much of Slayer, and stuff several other bands such as Megadeth, Judas Priest, Exodus and a few others…
Lucas Francesco lessons: Apart from doing most of Iron Maiden’s Senjutsu when it was released, he creates lessons for lots of bands, and seems to be doing it in a kinda alphabetic order, so lots of the songs he teaches start by A, or a digit, or a symbol such as … or (

I have a few more (including some non-english ones), but these should be a good starting point.

Actually, a reasonable and intelligent restaurant owner would probably want to hear the honest opinion of his patrons. I bet Justin would, too.

I don’t check alot, I only check these 3 now and then

SammyG aka SamuraiGuitarist
Paul Davids
Ola Englund

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I Heard that an read that from Justin …apparently not in the rules there …but I hope the mods will confirm because I’m not going to look it all up…

We’re a Community, not a cult :smiley:

There is room to discuss about -other- teachers and platforms.
As long at it remains civil of course :smiley:

It’s all in the context of sharing knowledge and broadening our view.
Though, we don’t support deliberate promotion in order to drive traffic elsewhere.

I agree that Justin is one of a kind in his combo of being clear, board, beginner focused, professional and low on the clickbait factor (perhaps the Mike Dawes video, that had a high clickbait factor :D). We all look for certain things and for some J is the absolute #1, for others he is one of the many. I take pride in being part in what makes JustinGuitar one of a kind. :smiley:


no you’re missing my point… this isn’t going to make Justin a better cook…
and more …but I see lieven thinks different…but Justin himself prefers not to criticize other you-tube teachers here…

Edit: @Socio hi …I don’t feel like making any more posts so I’ll just comment here…this isn’t the video I’m referring to…it was somewhere else and much clearer…but it doesn’t matter… .I should have stopped after my first post…that was clearly written enough…

Those sound like some fine potatoes, where did you have them? The sensie did say on another post that links can be posted as it is good for him to see what his students like and what they want/need which is understandable.

I think he said on that same post that he doesn’t like speaking badly of other teachers unless it’s dangerous which is understandable as he wouldn’t want any of his students picking up bad habits.

Yeah, none of us wants this to become a flamin’ and bashin’ of others but there is nog hard lines censorship here. That’s why I say we’re not a cult.

Some conversations better take their course for a short while to release tension instead of slamming the hammer on it.

Besides, @DavidP @Richard_close2u are always close to steer the conversation :wink:


I watch a couple of other youtubers that provide content that Justin doesn’t:

SammyG (general guitar culture) and David Hamburger (acoustic blues instruction)

Here’s a plug for Justin: his song tutorials are the best on youtube, by far, in my opinion. He’s better than Marty because 1) he sings a demo version (which is a huge benefit, imo) and 2) he goes into more detail. He also counts out the timing of difficult parts, something that Marty and many other youtube teachers do not do. This is crucial for learning lead parts, at least for me.

His catalog is huge and if you go to the site, the song search options are great.

Of course, the guitar instruction stuff is great, too, but he really is alone in offering comprehensive instruction free on youtube (I think), so no competition to compare to, really. He’s obviously the best in that area.

Hi Roland! Glad to see your question sparks some interesting debates xD

I have been thinking about it lately too. To learn a thing well I got to learn from the best. So that might be the reason why I only pay attention to Andy Mckee and Mike Dawes vids, listen to their thoughts and play style on guitar. Well I tried to look around the materials for Kotaro Oshio, not many and they are Japanese T.T

Might try to explore others in the future, but I think I ought to master whatever that is available to me right now =)

I dip in and out of various channels including those already mentioned: Paul David’s, That Pedal Show, Andertons, Music is Win, and some of the reaction videos from the likes of The Charismatic Voice, Julia Nikon and, of course, Rick Beato (as well as his other videos).

Also Produce Like A Pro’s bands/songs/albums that changed music videos are great, along with some of the other videos.

I also enjoy The Studio Rats (who do a weekly live stream) and who have some interesting gear reviews and tips and tricks.

And my latest guilty pleasure watch is Justin Hawkins Rides Again.



This is so true… I hate youtubes suggestions!! I know what I typed in the search box and that is what I’m looking for, if they can’t show me that I would rather it not show anything. But at the end of the day i’ts all about money and it’s what we have to put up with.


I think many of the channels I watch have already been covered but I’ll mention some of my favourites anyway…

Frog Leap Studios - Leo does some cool covers of well known songs, usually in a metal style
Mary Spender - She’s a singer / songwriter / guitarist who covers a variety of music related topics. Her music isn’t necessarily my thing but it’s good to see different styles
Andertons TV - well we can dream a bit about all of the gear we can’t afford!
Norman’s Rare Guitars - it’s funny that I watch these as I have no ambitions to own an old guitar, I just find it interesting

smaat. I get less commercials by a direct link follow to U-toob and I’ll suffer some that way. But I go via Duck Duck Go browser (non-profit, no-tracker) to sus things out. If I like, then I will log in to Ewe-TooB and go from there.

Tell them NOTHING !