Favorite panel settings for Katana 50?

I need to make friends with my amp :frowning: I’m not really interested in exploring tone and finding the perfect sound for every specific song or improv I want to play, I really just want to have a handful of favorites that I can dial in on the panel and then play. I was using the Tone Studio for awhile, but that just gives me even more options when there’s already too many options. I therefore thought I’d post here and ask if anyone has a favorite panel setting they can share, primarily for blues improv at this point. The guitar obviously has something to do with it too (!), so I’m playing an American Pro HSS Strat if that impacts any suggestions. Thank you.

Mari, I can’t help with this, not being a member of Club BK. Reading your question, one name did immediately come to mind … @adi_mrok Adrian, tagging you in on this in case you don’t spot it in everyday browsing.

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If you like the Robert Cray sound, neck single-coil.

I realized I could do a Google search so I found this page https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/boss-katana-settings-thread.1766298/, there’s a few in there I’m going to try out.

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@markr31 Do you have suggested settings for the amp?

No, sorry, I’ve never used a Katana.

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Hi Mari,

This is my suggestion (assuming factory settings for the effects slots):

  • Turn down master volume to zero
  • Set all of the equalizer controls to 12 o’clock
  • Turn all of the effects to the off position.
  • Set amp type to clean and amp gain & volume to around 12 o’clock
  • Play your guitar and turn up master volume to an acceptable level, but keep it on the quiet side
  • Turn up the booster control to around 12 o’clock and make sure it’s set to the green setting. This is the Blues driver by default, as long as you’ve not changed it using BTS
  • Play again, and adjust the booster setting to something you like. If it’s too loud or quiet, adjust the master volume.
  • If you want, add some reverb by turning up that control, adjust until you get the amount of reverb you like, and also try out the red/green/yellow versions.

When you have something you like, you may want to save it as a patch by holding down one of the channel buttons for a few seconds. You can then use this as a base blues patch, which you can adjust by varying the gain and the EQ as you like.

Top panel controls for reference:




Hey Mari,

To help make friends with your amp and dialing in that blues tones your like have a watch of the following from Juca Nery.

He also has some free blues tones on his website which are linked on his YouTube videos. So worth a listen to see if there are any that you like.

I think another one that @Majik pointed out before are the studio rats and they have some free patches worth trying out.


@Majik thank you, that sounds easy enough!

@Socio thanks James, that’s what I’m looking for, simplicity using just the panel. I have downloaded some patches before really I just want simplicity on the panel. A Just Use The Panel series sounds perfect.

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So many knobs right? :slight_smile:
Making friends with your amp means exploring tone. Keep it simple, at the very least try the following:

  1. Crank your amp and control the volume with the volume knob on your guitar.
  2. Turn the tone down on your guitar to about 1/2 way. Adjust it up a little as you play if it sounds better.
  3. Add some delay and/or reverb on your amp. Adjust to what sounds best.

Do try and play around with tone a little bit, it’s fun!


Thanks for the input, Clint. Your suggestion sounds simple, and that’s my aim, so I will try that out too. Who knows, maybe when I find a couple tones I like (and remember the settings) I may decide to explore a little further. (May. Lol)

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Well this thread lead me to explore patches for my Mk2 50. Up until now it’s been mostly dialling in what sounds good to me but reading this post made me think I should hunt down some patches and trial them and woaaaaaa, what difference. :scream:.

It was a rabbit hole that lasted a full day downloading and sampling tones, deleting those not suitable and then saving the best ones to the the Ch buttons on the Katana. One standout for me, and with headphones on sounds exquisite, I couldn’t stop just noodling along and listening to the tones, so whilst I may not have helped you @Mari63 you have certainly helped me, thank you :grin: :+1: