Favourite chord progession on a song?

There’s always a song that you play that gives you a goosebumps when a chord sounds so good (when you play it perfectly haha) but suits the song so much.

Mine is quite basic. But I like playing Half the world away by Oasis and the version I play the Am - C - E - Am.

The E chord of that gives the song the perfect moody bass of that verse IMO, basic but nice.

Do anyone else get that with some songs?


Yep, there’s a few songs like that for me. One is Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. Not a song or a band that I had anything to do with before stumbling across it in Justin’s app, but I really like playing it now. Has a nice flow to it. Another would be To Her Door by Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls. Again nice flow, and I can’t help putting lots of energy into it every time.

For me it’s progressions that include a B7.

For me it’s G (4 finger G) em7 followed by Cadd9 with the high e string ringing out.

Just listened to it, great song and progression. Thanks.

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I quite like the sequence major → maj7 → dom7. For example, the Beatles “Something” starts out C → Cmaj7 → C7, which sounds cool (there is a descending chromatic run of notes in there: C → B → Bb).

There’s something similar in “Bell Bottom Blues” (Derek and the Dominoes), where the lyric goes “I don’t want to fade away…” the chords go A, Amaj7, A7. It’s a cool trick.

First two lines of the White Rabbit verse. Just a simple F# and G but its the strumming pattern that makes the song what it is. One day I’ll be able to sing it while playing it but it fights with Grace Slicks melody all the way through or that just could be my singing palmares ! :sunglasses: