Favourite Fender Telecaster color

Is that guitar yours Rob? Looks like you’ve got a few more guitars than I remember seeing…

oh hell no, I’d love it tho! A tele is still way up on my list of potential next guitars just got to figure out which one

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I really like classic Butterscotch with black pick guard. It’s very simple, but yet iconic.
Also this Tele (which isn’t a real Tele) from Paul David’s recent video looks just marvelous to me.

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Really liked the all-rosewood-neck versions:

But people used to hate them :melting_face:

They look very nice but I prefer those that are with maple fretboard. No offence! :blush:

That`s why I like my Arctic white its different to the usual colours

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I would like a shell pink tele with a rosewood board. I think they would look sharp.

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Oh dear this has got my gas bubbling, as I don’t have a Tele. Guess it would have to be TSB
to match my MiM Strat. But this caught my interest while window shopping.

Fender Telecaster Custom FMT HH BCBIL

Walk away from the browser, nothing to see here !! :rofl: