Feature artist at our music club

Had the pleasure yesterday of enjoying Stephen Lovelight performing at Coast Acoustics, the music club I’m involved with. Stephen also performs in a local band called the Round mountain girls. If you watch my channel over the next few days you’ll see a few more songs uploaded there.

Stephen is quite active in the local community, performing his solo gigs, with the Round mountain girls and also hosting open mics. He’s a genuine legend.

This clip is his version of Riders on the Storm

Here’s Stephen playing Robert Johnson’s Kind hearted woman blues


Enjoying the show!
Great venue.

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Wow! That dude’s awesome! Such a cool style and super expressive. Interesting that he played seated, felt it really worked with the aesthetic of what he was doing though. Thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:

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Glad you are enjoying it, here’s a playlist of all the songs I recorded yesterday


Love the blues. Keep it up.

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He’s a great performer, Tony. Those two were really enjoyable.

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