Febuary 2024, Brain Stew (Green Day) Bottom Of The Lake (Original Song)

Hey guys getting ready for Feb so figured I would post these! Hope you guys like them! :slight_smile:
I wrote Bottom of the lake a few years back but redid it on my new gear!


The reason I wrote Bottom Of The Lake is because I use to be an alcoholic and almost died, so i wrote the song knowing what it feels like!! Im doing better today though!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Byron,

Nice work. I’m a Green Day fan so enjoyed it, that’s a great song. More to the point really liked the original, loved the work on the Taylor and the Tele solos were nice, nice little bends there :+1: great little drum synth and pulled it together well, for me mate I think pretty impressive and good on you for using music to air past struggles :+1:

I remembr the original, Bytron. Sounds good on the new gear. The solos are a sweet addition. Maybe the percussion was a little heavy relative to the guitar. Perhaps shakers and scrapers, tambourine, could also sound good and be more in-keeping with a single acoustic guitar?

You are doing well recording the various parts and putting the whole song and video together.

Lots to check in the Community, so may come back to the other song later.

Thanks David for listening and the response!! Yeah I think a tambourine would sound better I think. Need to see if they have that in my plugins

How’d you know it was a Taylor? Lol.

:grinning: I recognised the finish and the controls on the shoulder :+1:

Bottom of the Lake is pretty cool. I like the dynamics and changes throughout - no drums to drums, solo, quiet parts and louder parts. Nice one.

In Bottom of the lake I liked the solo best! In addition, Stats for Nerds, at YouTube had you very close to optimal! Good job!

Brain Stew - The guitar tone stuck out to me. I have heard the song before, so it was in my wheelhouse. I would take a bit off the drums as at first it kind of blasted my ears!

Be well,

Hi Byron!
I liked both things. Everything is played and sung very well.
I’m not a big fan of Green Day, so Bottom of the Lake came to me more :wink: Cool guitar :+1:
All the best, and take care of yourself!

Thanks guys!!