Feedback on Picking technique

I have a hard time picking strings accurately. I used to plant (use pinky) but after a friend suggested I don’t do it, my general accuracy has improved but it still feels a bit stiff and I still often miss a lot of my notes. I also have a hard time picking without looking at the string

Above is a 40s demo of my picking to one my favorite RHCP song (Californication). Maybe anyone have any tips to give on the picking?

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Welcome to the Community, Kevin.

Firstly, your demo sounded pretty good to me.

Secondly, I’m an advancing beginner so take my observations as just thoughts not gospel.

Thirdly, my 2 thoughts …

I notice that there is quite a large amount of the pick visible. Perhaps experimenting with pick grip to reveal less pick may help with control?

You have a solid anchor on the guitar body with the forearm. Perhaps also anchoring the palm lightly on the bridge may help? As you progress this will lead into muting with the edge of the palm when necessary.

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Hi Kevin and welcome.

My first observation and thought, then I scrolled to read this …

It may be the upwards camera angle but you want just a little peaky end poking out for picking.

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I tried anchoring on the bridge before, but it felt too limiting. Same thing with using the my pinky, but your advice on pick grip and visibility is definitely a new one, will definitely experiment with that, thank you my man, and thanks for the warm reception

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You’re welcome, Martin

I think this may be something worth persevering with on the side. Perhaps not for playing acoustic but if you are also playing electric then muting with the right hand to silence certain strings, to mute a bend when you reach the target note.

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