Feel-good moment about strumming

This weekend I was trying the old faithful strumming pattern when things suddenly clicked and was able to continue the strumming in the beat and change chords. A real ‘achievement unlocked’ moment for me! :blush: It also sounded good, btw.

Now I need to go and search for songs that have this strumming pattern so I can play them properly. I used all downs up until now.


Cool well done Lodewijk, its always a great feeling when something clicks !

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Terrific moment for you mate. Well done. That strumming pattern will work on many, many songs, and will open things up for you.

Cheers, Shane

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That is great to hear Lodewijk and what a wonderful feeling it is. There will be no stopping you now. Time to rock!

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I love a good “click” moment!

Rather than worry about finding songs that have that strumming pattern, just try it with any song you choose. It will work for a lot of them, and if not, just move on.

At these beginning levels, all the strumming patterns in the books and app are simplified approximations that sound good in a doable way. So there is no wrong.

If it sounds good….


Great stuff. Always an encouraging moment when something clicks. I’m sure you’ll have many more such moments.

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