Feeling The Frets

Learn how to play guitar without looking at your fretboard and elevate your musical senses!

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Good one! Thought it was just me, but I’ve found almost since day one, when I started the course four months ago, that once I’ve got the shape I seem to be able to make easier/smoother/faster chord changes when I’m not looking at what I’m doing. Thinking about it yes, seeing it in my mind almost.
It’s something evryone should try.


Wonderful lesson! I always found closing my eyes and feeling the strings with my fingers very helpful when playing chords, but I never payed attention to feeling the frets… Incredibly helpful!
I also loved the comparison with meditation… I’m a meditator myself, and for me playing guitar is a wonderful way of meditation in itself :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks Justin. Although it sounds like such a small thing, I’ve found this incredibly helpful almost immediately. As I age my eyes have been going downhill fast so I basically have been going through this course without looking most of the time. Once I thought about the feel of the frets my cord changes became faster and more confident.

I feel like this lesson would be very useful also earlier in this journey because at this point I have thicker skin on my fingers so yeah I would love to see this lesson earlier too because I believe it help people a lot even earlier in the journey