Fell in love with a Girl - The White Stripes

Hey folks!

I’ve been getting into the electric and trying to figure it out, got an Epiphone Dot and a Boss Katana, which is already a lot to unpack for a beginner.

I’m seeing Jack White this Sunday and thought it was a good chance to dive into a simple WS song like this, I got a backing track but the recording is not great, I did a quickie with my phone.

Any tips on amp settings/technique is welcome! Cheers!


Nice stuff Kevin, I thought that was a spot on tone, was there any reverb on that at all through the amp? Sounded like a little bit but it could have just been as it was recording on the phone. I would have that with virtually none to keep it really tight.

Also curious on the pickup(s) you were on? Seemed just right.

Enjoy the gig, sure it’ll be amazing!


Sounded great, Kevin, keep on rocking. Beyond me to offer specific tone tips, particularly if you are trying to sound like the original as I don’t know it.


Hey Kevin, what a beaut of a guitar :smiley:
Love the colour and you’re truly rocking out on this one.
Don’t know the song either and at first I thought you were doing an Arctic Monkeys song :roll_eyes: :laughing:
(I’d probably prefer a bit more in the bottom end, but that’s personal and also a bit picky for a phone recording! :laughing:)
Enjoy the gig.


Very nice. Your timing was really tight with the backing track. I don’t know the song, so I can’t comment on the amp settings. Rock on and enjoy the show.


Really great stuff Kevin, even though electric might not be your first pick guitar wise you still played it exceptionally well. Loved it!


Great job, Kevin. That was really well done. I do like The White Stripes. It might be interesting to try power chords as opposed to mainly open chords just for a different flavor. And with heavily overdrive tones like this, it can have a smoother tone. Overall really good stuff.

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Hi Kevin, sounded great. Spot on White Stripes tone! And a classic song. Always surprises me with some AVOYPs, often times there are songs I’ve never heard that a whole bunch of people seem to know, and this one, I must have listened to 500x.

Was surprised to see a Kevin video with no singing?!? :astonished:

Guitar is pretty cool as well. Curious why you went with a hollowbody? Makes me want one :smiling_imp:.


Good to see you exploring new territory Kevin.

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Nice Kevin sounded great to me.

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That was very niiiiiiiice Kevin, you really rocked it and looked so at easy whilst doing it.

Happy NGD as well and enjoy the gig on Saturday. :+1:

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@Notter Hey Mark, yes I had some reverb on, I thend to always use reverb but you may be right, I’ll give it a go, still figuring out what I like coming out of the amp.
Using the bridge pickup, I rarely change the pickup position, really like the sound coming out of the bridge one (they’re both humbuckers BTW)

@DavidP thanks David, loving that profile pic.

@brianlarsen Thanks Brian, I like her too! I’ll try it, I basically just play with the knobs until I find something “usable” :sweat_smile: so thanks for the tip

@TheCluelessLuthier Thank you Mark! I don’t tend to use backing tracks but they do wonders to work on timing

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian, glad you liked it!

@ToshS thank you Tosh, the D is supposed to have the thinnest string muted, as well as the G string on the E chord, but I didn’t quite manage to get it.

@jkahn thanks JK, I love the simplicity of White Stripes and didn’t hit me until the other day how good it can be to work on power chords and settings for the electric, especially this song that’s so repetitive but energetic at the same time.
I’ve thought about exploring new patterns, I found I ended up strumming the same way with some variations of it when I’m singing, so I’m trying to automatize new things. Also, working on the Chris Liepe vocal course so I’m focusing on that more than singing right now.
About the guitar, I’ve always liked Hollowbody guitars from an aesthetic point of view, they’re classic but they have a lot of personality, and you can see them in colours that really pop. Noel Gallagher used to play a cherry red ES-335 if I’m not mistaken, and trying out different “similar” budget guitars this is the one that felt the best. I wish now that I had tried more, the tuning is not as stable as I’d like, and now I’m craving a Gretsch like crazy, I just love the way they look. I’m also curious about a tele or strat, I went straight for this type and I wish I had tried different guitars.
That said, for my first electric Im very satisfied. Sorry for the long answer!

@batwoman appreciate it as always Maggie

@philsmith thanks Phil!

@SgtColon thanks Stefan, I can assure you I was not at ease at all :sweat_smile: It’s very distracting, when you notice some note not sounding quite right with this amount of gain and overdrive, but that just means there’s stuff to work on. And when you get this simple stuff right it sounds massive.

Cheers everyone!


Oh dear, speaking the GAS into being :rofl:

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Hey Kevin, the reverb comment was more directed at replicating the song rather than a general tone thing btw. She’s a beaut of a guitar, bridge pickup a very good choice for it :+1:

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Sounded great Kevin and nice and tight with the backing track…definitely worth experimenting/using barre chords or power chords when playing electric…in fact I’d say 9 times out of 10 I’d use those with a smattering of open chords where required.

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Late to the party. That was a great first electric guitar AVOYP. Guitar looks and sounds fantastic. Enjoy the gig.

I think it was an ES-355. He broke it backstage the day he quit oasis and left the warm up act to tell the fans that they wouldn’t be coming on stage to perform. It got repaired and was auctioned this year.

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Sounds just like Jack White. I suppose his guitar was technically semi hollow too.

Massive White Stripes fan here .

Suspect this a tough one to sing , not tried myself!

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@Rossco01 thanks Jason, it’s impressive how good those simple chords can sound on electric with some overdrive, it makes it very easy to explore and come up with cool stuff!

@Socio thank you James! Gosh, if I had only known I would’ve gotten that one :sweat_smile:

@lewis2025 singing with the electric is somehow way more challenging than with acoustic too, maybe the louder sound lakes it tougher to focus on the vocals or i just need too much energy to sing over it, but it’s another goal to look forward to.

Well you picked well, it’s a great looking guitar. Bummer about the tuning. When I got my electric (couple of weeks after I started playing) I didn’t consider anything but a HSS Strat. Tuning is super stable fortunately.

Funny how our guitar heroes inspire us in their choices of guitars, I’m drawn to a hollowbody because of Dave Grohl. Gotta collect them all right - plenty of time to get that tele, strat and Gretsch eventually.

I never really new Dave Grohl until the sad news about the band and then the performance with Paul McCartney at Glastonbury. One of the good things about this forum is I’m getting exposed to music that was never on my radar.

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