Fender Blues Junior


Just wondered if anyone out there is using a Blues Junior. I’ve been looking at them on the internet & I’m sorely tempted as I’ve always loved the sound of fender amps.

My main concern was how loud… or more specifically how quiet will it go?

I’m currently using a Blackstar HT5r mkII which has an attenuator built in which reduces the output to 0.5W. Volume wise it’s ideal as I have neighbors on both sides, even with the attenuator I still only set the volume at about 10 o clock. I tested it out yesterday and it gives out between 70 & 80 decibels (depending on whether the Fuzz pedal is engaged).

I know the Blues Junior has a master volume which could help with this but without getting out to try one I’ve got no idea whether I’ll be able to get it to similar volumes as the Blackstar.

Any advice/knowledge would be much appreciated.


I have a Blues Jr. III.

It is loud. It has a master volume, but when you turn the master up from zero the volume goes up very, very quickly. It’s not really an amp that is designed to play quietly. If you manage to gently set the master volume to a low level you’ll get sound, but it’s not in the “sweet spot” of the amp, and doesn’t sound as good at it does when the master volume is higher. You can do it, but it’s touchy and doesn’t sound satisfying at low volume, in my opinion.

In short, if you want to play quietly the Blues Jr. is not an ideal choice.

Thanks J.W.C that’s really helpful… I was watching videos online where they were saying that they were ideal volumes for bedroom play. I happen to like both my neighbors so I think I’ll stick with the Blackstar for now, I’ve had no complaints from them yet (well not to my face anyway).

Also you’ve just saved me the best part of 500 quid!!

Well, I do play mine at home, but I play it pretty loud at home. Honestly, I think it’s probably louder than most people would consider “bedroom level.”

Holding off is probably the better choice, for now. You really need to try the amp and see if the volumes (and the tones you get at various volumes) will work for your circumstances.

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