Fender California Series Malibu Player, Case Suggestions?

I got a delightful little Fender Malibu electro-acoustic for Christmas. Does anyone else here have one? Any case suggestions? It looks like Fender used to make a case for the Malibu, but it’s discontinued. I just want to make sure it fits before I go ordering something.

Not mine, but a stock photo of one from Reverb:


That’s a quirky looking guitar! I reckon if you’re not sure on cases, take the guitar into a shop and get them to recommend one. Rather than ordering online.

Guitars only need cases for transport & long term storage imho


Yeah, it is an unusual design for sure. I like it. My primary guitar, that I’ve been learning on, is a Strat, and this is basically a small acoustic with a Strat-style neck. I don’t know what to call it, size-wise, but from the reading I’ve done it’s slightly larger than most “3/4” size acoustics. So, it’s weird I guess. :rofl:

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I don’t have this guitar, so I can’t give you an 100% sure answer, but Sweetwater lists this case as a match to your guitar.

It looks like they currently sell the red version of the guitar you have and they list the case as a match. Sweetwater has really good customer service. If you were interested in this case, you could try to call them and confirm the match. I’ve called them on other stuff before and they always seem to bend over backwards to help :+1:

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