Fender Champion 20w

Just to say, if you don’t want a menu driven practice amp, the Fender Champion is a fantastic small amp with very good clean fender amp models. It’s really good for the 50s rock n roll sound and the slightly overdrive blues tone.

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a friend has one, it’s a pretty good bargain really, great sound for low dollars. I would also recommend a clean used SuperChamp XD. it’s a solid state preamp/FX and Tube output. very good bargain as well if you dont wanna crack open the wallet for a full tube amp

I just bought one of those Monoprice / Harley Benton 15W tube amps, I am very impressed with the tones. Has a Marshall JCM800-style sound to the gain tones.

I’m getting a good clean tone with the gain at 1-2, a nice Bluesy Overdrive with the gain at 4-5, and a nice heavy distortion sound with the gain at 8-9.