Fender Champion 50XL

My current amp for electric guitar is a Fender Champion 20. It’s okay for a practice amp, but it’s not something I’d use if I were playing for other people. I have been hearing good things about the Champion 50XL. Apparently, the functions are similar to other Champions, but the sound is supposed to be vastly better, and the price is very reasonable. Anybody have experience with this amp?

If I were in your position in that you more or less want a gigable amp I would be inclined to look at the Fender Mustang GTX50. I’ve hear good things about the Clean channel on the Champ 50XL but not good things about the dirt channel. It depends a great deal on what you really want it for.
But you should also consider the Boss Katana, there are lots of reviews that consider it to be better sounding and better put together than similar Fender amps, Justin doesn’t recommend them without good reasoning.

That’s probably the direction I’d lean.

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I appreciate the input, but I was specifically looking for those who have experience with the Champion 50XL. I’m not interested in the new Mustangs, because I don’t want to be wading through menus and downloading presets from the Internet. As far as the Boss Katana, I’ve read plenty of feedback on that.

I just recently became aware of the Champion 50XL. The price point is nice, as is the simple operation. Use the knobs on the top of the cabinet to dial in the sound you want, and leave it alone. That is more what I’m looking for.

So if you own, or have used one, please chime in.