Fender introduces an even less-expensive Squier Strat

Be interesting how that stacks up

Great marketing strategy ! Starts with a cheap guitar to hook them up. And after that, once the GAS kicks in, they’ll buy 10 more more expensive. :rofl:


Looks like they do a tele and a bass at the same price. In the UK, pricing is a good bit more than the US, and only £10 / 15 less than a Sonic - surprised its worth introducing a new set of SKUs for that, but what do I know!

It is nice to see competition at the lower price points though, hopefully quality will improve.

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They will have to up there game to compete with some of the guitars on Amazon.
An instrument purchased on Amazon, an EART guitar for £277. Stainless steel frets, body contours, roasted maple neck and mahogany body, bone nut and the craftsmanship is superb. I also have Squiers for a similar price and they are not made to the same standards.