Fender Jaguar or Strat

Hello I’ve been playing for under a year, I’m wondering if it’s better to buy a Fender player Mexican Stratocaster or a Fender player Mexican jaguar? Are there any problems with either of them. Which one is easier to play?

It’s not easy to decide really, the Jaguar has a shorter scale length so the strings will not be under so much tension, but there is a tendency on this model for the strings to jump out of the slots in the bridge if you’re playing hard.
The Strat has a longer scale length so the strings are under more tension, the bridge is OK but there is a tendency for the trem to cause tuning stability issues; so there are things that are pro’s and con’s for both of them.
I would be more inclined to either look at a PRS SE or if you like those particular style of guitars the similar G&L versions (G&L = George and Leo of Fender origins).

A friend of mine has a Jaguar (American) it’s a really cool guitar but he always seems to have minor setup/tuning issues with it.

I think a Strat is more versatile, I love playing mine and the tuning is rock solid.

Just another early player thoughts. I have a Carvin with dual humbuckers. First electric. Kind of a different but nice guitar.

Then I got a strat. After a lot of work, it was a wreck, it is now a nice instrument.

The strat is something fine. There is a reason people play Stratocasters and Telecasters. They are great sounding and playing instruments with loads of versatility.

I gues my point is that as a beginner, leaning to the more standard strat option may be best.

More unique or at least less mainstream options will be more satisfying later when we have some better ability to utilize and appreciate what they bring to the table.

I have had a total of 3 Fender strats (Mexican made) and all three have outstanding sound quality. I don’t think there is a need to spend thousands on an American made model unless you are an advanced player. It will not make you a better player, practice will. I met a guy last time I was in a restaurant in Catalina Island (near Los Angeles, CA) and he swears by Jaguars. He noticed me wearing a Fender T-shirt and we got to talking music. I think it all comes down to personal preference. I love my newest strat-just bought it a month ago.



I own a Standard Strat and a Jaguar type custom

Biggest difference is scale length.
I love the playability 24" scale of the Jaguar, the Stat is 25.5"

The bridge on my custom Jaguar isn’t standard so I can’t share any thoughts on that