Fender Mojo Pick Grip


Seems like you received a ton of great advice here and as a beginner myself, have a lot of the same struggles! It can become very frustrating! I also struggled with my pick sliding all around and dropping it especially when I strum faster. What has helped me is pick grips! Fender makes what they call a “Mojo Pick Grip”. It’s a little rubber piece that slips over your pick and makes it much easier to hold onto. I’ve also seen small stickers to apply to your pick that will do the same thing if that is more appealing to you. I got my Mojo Pick Grip on Amazon and love it! They came in a pack of 3 for $5.
I hope this helps!
Best wishes!

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Hi Cindi, thanks for the advice! I ordered the pick grips right away and they will be delivered tomorrow. Yay!

Hi Inge. I really hope you like them! Please let me know if they work out for you!

Hi Cindi, they are absolutely fantastic! Thank you soooo much for mentioning these, because they help me play so much steadier! You rock :smiley:

Hi @Inge_guitar29 glad you’re finding the mojo pick grips helpful. I just had some delivered last weekend and found them to be good. I swapped the Fender picks that came with mine with Dunlop Tortex picks. That was a good recommendation by @Cindi.

@DavidP it might be worth copying over this recommendation over to one of the pick topics as might get missed under this topic title and a lot of questions coming in lately about struggling with pick control. What do you think boss?

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Good idea, thanks for the suggestion, James!

Hi Inge, I’m so glad you like them! It’s a great feeling to be able to help another struggling guitarist! :wink:
Rock on my friend! :grinning: