Fender Mustang GTX100 Amp Bluetooth & Footswitch Issues

Hey folks,

While I’ve loved the sounds and features of the Fender Mustang GTX100 amp and footswitch that I recently purchased online from Thomann, I’ve encountered some issues with both of them which I’ve reported to them. They immediately offered either a replacement or refund at my preference. I would like to know if any owners of this amp (or GTX50) have encountered similar issues, as I’d like to know if it’s a common issue or not.

I’ve seen people reporting bluetooth issues with this amp when it was first released a few years ago, but it seemed like they were resolved with firmware updates. However, I’m facing this issue with the latest firmware so I’m hoping that I just got a bad item and hopefully a replacement will resolve this issue. I did try a full firmware restoration last night, so will see if it helps over the next couple of days. Here’s my support ticket details:

There are 2 issues. First and more severe one is the amp freezes/locks up. Sometimes very often (3 or 4 times in a one hour practice session), other times I can play for a whole hour without any issue.

I noticed it happens more often when I’m connected to the amp through both the Fender Tone amp via bluetooth and through regular Bluetooth for music streamig, but it also happens when I’m only connected via BT for streaming (Fender Tone not connected) and rarely it happens even when I’m not connected through BT at all.

The amp will become completely unresponsive, no sound comes out of it, controls/dials don’t work. I have to switch it off and back on again.

I checked for any firmware updates but it says I have the latest one. Firmware version is 3.0.116

The second issue, is not a functional one. I just wanted to check if this is normal or not:
All the Footswitch buttons make a loud grating noise when pressed. It also feels like the buttons are scratching the inside of the footswitch. I thought it would just go away with use but it hasn’t. I have a Marshal Footswitch for another amp that doesn’t make any such sounds. The Marshall makes a clean clicking sound which I expect, the Fender one makes a scraping sound and feels wrong.

Here’s a video demonstrating the issue:


I’d appreciate any feedback from owners of this amp whether they have or haven’t encountered such issues and how you managed to resolve it (fix or replacement). Thanks!

The foot switch thing seems normal, I’ve had a couple of fender pedals and find the buttons are stiff. They are fine with feet but difficult with hands.

I haven’t had my amp freeze though. But I don’t use Bluetooth streaming with it at all.

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Smae as Jk I don’t bt stream and the footswitch sounds normal

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Thanks @jkahn and @RobDickinson for your input. It seems that freezing/locking up is only an issue when streaming over bluetooth. I might use an external BT adapter into the AUX input to avoid this issue if shipping it back for an RMA proves to be too much of a hassle. Also thanks for letting me know the footswitch issue with the stiff buttons & grating sound is normal for Fender ones, as it’s the only one I’ve tried.

I have the same amp and, while working well as just a modeling amp, I have struggled with its ability to use bluetooth and to record via USB to my computer.

With bluetooth, it would stutter, dropout and hang. I finally ran a cable to the aux in and gave up on bluetooth. And you really can’t record through the USB.

I still like it as a practice amp and it works well now that it is cabled. A little sad that Fender can’t get bluetooth and USB working correctly in 2023.

My two cents…

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I heard the USB audio out was poor, seems to be OK with xlr out to ai

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I have a GT40. I remember that I used to have issues if I engaged both the Bluetooth Tone app connection and Bluetooth music streaming connection at the same time from the same device. So, for a while, I then switched to connecting my pc to stream music via Bluetooth and only connected my phone for the Tone app.

After a while I was pretty happy with all of my presets and found i wasn’t using the Tone app anymore, I so I deleted the tone Bluetooth connection from my phone and started using my phone to stream music to the amp. I haven’t had any issues in a couple of years.

I know that there are some differences between the GTs and the GTXs, but maybe this will work for you too.

I also have the footswitch. I remember there being some scraping feeling when I first got it, but either the scraping went away or else I got used to it. I only use it on the floor as a footswitch, so maybe it would be more noticeable if I was pressing the buttons with my hand.

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@lraesly thanks for your input Lee. I’ve scoured various online forums and found this to be an ongoing issue sadly with their Bluetooth stack. Something about Bluetooth LE (used for the Tone app connectivity) and the regular Bluetooth connectivity (used for Bluetooth audio streaming) not playing well together. I’ve opened a case with Fender themselves to see if they have any other suggestions.

Yesterday I tried performing a firmware Recovery (press and hold the PRESET LAYER button and X FX utility button while restarting the amp) as instructed in the Owner’s Manual which restored it to the same firmware version 3.0.116 and I then restored my presets from the Fender Tone Cloud Backup (had to do this twice as after the first time some of my presets were missing). I will see if this helps over the next few days.

I also checked the official Fender Mustang GTX release notes but they only go as far as 3.0.96 (I couldn’t find any release notes on version 3.0.116 anywhere else on the internet which is strange):

Will see if I get any other helpful suggestions from the Fender Support Team, and I’ll update the thread here.

As for the USB recording, I didn’t even try that as it was horrible with my Marshall Code 25 and others mentioned the same with the Fender Mustang GTX. As @RobDickinson mentioned, it works great via XLR out into my audio interface which was one of the key features of this amp for me. I just recorded a new AVOYP yesterday using that which sounded great, so that would be my recommendation as well.

@Rider2040 Thanks for your input Rob. From what I gathered the GT and GTX series do share some common electronic components and probably software code as well, as similar issues have been reported with both. Worst case scenario, I’ll just use an external Bluetooth transceiver which I’ve plugged into the AUX input for the audio streaming to practice with backing tracks and just stick to connecting the Tone amp via bluetooth which seems to be more stable (at least from using it last night for a few hours of recording). Like you, I’m using the Tone amp less in my day-to-day practice after setting up some key presets and only use it now when trying out new presets or tweaking the tone when recording a new song playthrough.

As for the footswitch, thanks for mentioning that you heard/felt that too. I was only using my fingers to demonstrate for the video, as I normally have it on the floor to stomp on with my foot which works fine. I guess I’m just used to the smoother feeling & sounding Marshall Code footswitch.

@firasR - I agree that you could add a small bluetooth receiver connected to the aux in. Great solution but it will require an external power source… but not a big deal.

Please keep us posted!


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I have some latency issues using BT for music streaming while using the justin app and chordify where the on-screen beat is out of sync with the sound. I have the same problem with other BT amps(spark 40) and BT speakers so the issue could be with the my tablet., No sync problems when using the tablet audio out using an audio cable directly to the amp aux-in or to my mixer.

I have a some BT connection issues with the Fender tone app. My tablet is on a metal music stand which may be shielding the BT signal between the tablet and amp.

My footswitch button fx5 is a little scratchy but not as loud as the ones on your video. The other buttons are good.

Overall I am happy with this amp. I started getting into using the looper function recently but after a few weeks I upgraded to a Boss RC-10R which I received yesterday. Its a big upgrade to the GTX built in looper but the Boss is a bit pricey. I will post a AVOP using that shortly. The Boss has a rhythm synced to looper and has the ability to save 99 loops.


BT protocol is always going to have latency. A great deal of this is the error correction needed because the link can be very weak - part of the strength of BT is the low link power to improve battery life. But, this is at the cost of needing to buffer data which takes time, so you are going to always be late hearing what is playing at the source. When it doesn’t need to sync with video, or your guitar playing, then you don’t notice. Be aware to always expect BT to have large-ish latency!


Came across this post as I was wondering about the firmware version you mentioned here.

I have a GTX50 with firmware version 3.0.116.

Fwiw, Fender told me that this firmware version was released due to a change in parts suppliers for the amp. They said there were no other changes, and that newer amps with this different part have the firmware version, but other amps will not get this version if you try a firmware update.

FWIW, I had really bad bluetooth issues when trying to use the Fender Tone app with an amp that had the 3.0.96 and 3.0.85 firmware versions. With this newer version the Tone app works great. Makes the amp much, much more fun and usable.

I have not tried bluetooth streaming or the foot pedal on the amp I have now.

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I have actually recently been streaming backing tracks via BT and its been fine.

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Hey Bill, and welcome to the community :grinning: I asked Fender Support why this version 3.0.116 was not on the firmware release notes page and they gave me a similar answer to what you said:

I’ve been advised that the firmware on your amp is exactly the same as 3.0.96. All amplifiers that are bought new over the last couple months currently come with the .116 firmware for compatibility with a couple of internal components but other than that it’s exactly the same.

That being said, I gave up on streaming music via BT on my amp, and just stream it to my TV (as the sound on the amp wasn’t that great anyways). My amp has been stable since I stopped trying to stream music to it. Never had issues with the Fender Tone app connecting to the amp or causing any issues, so that’s good enough for me as I don’t want to ship it back to Thomann although they were kind enough to offer me that option for a replacement or refund.

I’ve actually shifted to practicing on my computer with the amp XLR to audio interface and monitor speakers or headphones as the sound is better there and I can hear more of the nuisances and areas that need more work through those.

@RobDickinson Glad to hear that BT streaming is working great for you on your amp :slightly_smiling_face: