Fender Mustang Micro Give Away

I have a Mustang Micro I am no longer using.

Rather than sell it, I would like to give it to a community member who would like to be able to use one, but doesn’t feel they have the comfort to buy one for themselves.

I will cover shipping the cheapest way possible to anywhere.

So, how to do this…

  1. The honor system. If you can buy one, buy one, please don’t try to get this one.
  2. The recipient will be chosen at random.
  3. Send me a PM if you want to be considered, do not post yourself publicly here.
  4. I will collect names through next Sunday then contact the random person by PM.
  5. I will keep everything beyond this post private. No need to go public if you receive it, unless you choose to.
  6. If you get it and eventually move to something else, send it to someone else in the community. I can help with shipping if you ever do this.

It does work.:wink:


Wonderful gesture Joshua, as you may guess I’m good :wink:
Hope it goes to a good home.

Super duper good vibes to Joshua.
:clap: :slight_smile:

Very cool move, Joshua :sunglasses:
I’m surprised I never looked into this kind of thing myself, but then I probably never would have bought my desk amp, which I’m still very happy with.
Good luck to the winner and hope they pass on the good vibes to someone else in their lives :smiley:

Thanks for all the good vibes!

So far no one has expressed any interest. I hope I didn’t sound off-putting in my opening post.

I would actually like to give this to someone. I understand this is a luxury item in a sense, and everyone here at least had the means to start playing guitar.

So I am happy to send it to someone who would like it, but just feels the stretch wouldn’t normally be worth it.

I can always do Craigslist, but it would be more fun to know someone here is enjoying it.


Tremendous iniciative, props to you Joshua.
Got to love the vibe in this community.

Some movement now! Please drop me a PM and get on the list!

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I just purchased one about a month ago after reading several rave reviews for it. I will say I was very impressed with it. Of course I’m no expert on amps in general and play mostly acoustic. I actually connect this to my my Bluetooth speaker with a cable and it’s sounds great. Whoever ends up with this will really enjoy it. Very generous offer. Cudos!

So it’s a mini portable practice amp that fits in your pocket? If I get one I won’t have to settle for playing my electric unplugged if I bring it with me somewhere?

It has headphone out. No built in speaker. It attaches to the guitar, no need to put on pocket. Send me a PM if you want to get in the running.

Looking for more contestants. Don’t be shy!

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Bump to encourage more entries! I will close it after Sunday Mountain time USA.

You don’t need to be in the USA to enter. I will send it anywhere.


Last call for entries!

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Thanks to everyone who participated!

A winner has been PM’d this morning.


I won it!.
Really looking forward to using it - setting up my amp can be a pain (limited space and a dog :crazy_face: ) and I was looking for a decent headphone amp.

Thanks for the generosity - it’s lovely to see this is the same spirit as Justin’s teaching.
:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Got the Amp today. Thanks for that - it sounds completely different to the Blackstar one I had used previously. This one sounds like one I can actually use without gritting my teeth :slight_smile:

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Great! I was wondering when it would arrive. Sorry no instructions, they should be online. Enjoy!



Huge applause to @Jamolay and congrats to @AndyTake2

Giving, sharing, paying it forward.
Good news all round and a warm, fuzzy glow.