Fender Strat choice for 2nd guitar


I am looking to buy a fender Strat model as a second guitar to compliment my les Paul, and am debating between the following options:




Could someone explain like I’m five, what is the difference between the 50s style pick up in the vintera and the noiseless of the player plus? Is there a sound example you can direct me to?

Option 2)
What has appealed to me to the listed two guitars is the option to add the neck pick-up to position 1 &2, because I am
Looking for versatility.

I really love the plus top design of this:


It just looks LUSH!!

Is it possible to get a tech guy to mod the pickups/wiring to allow it to play neck pickup on position 1&2 and add some kind of locking tuner machine?

Don’t know if this helps but I love all music but primarily play: bluesy rock, classic rock, hard rock, alt rock, classical music.

Will defo Try to pop in store to try and get feel for them, but would like to hear peoples thought.

Thanks for listening, any advice appreciated.

I guess it’s possible

6 locking tuners instead of regular ones.
Not sure what you mean with a lokcing tuner machine though

Keep in mind the guitars have different fretboard radius (where a higherradius value means less curvature) and the Player Plus has noiseless pickups; a nice extra on a single coil guitar.

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