Fender Strat Final fantasy XIV

My first guitar.

Limited Edition Fender Stratocaster - Final Fantasy XIV

Bit of an impulsive buy to be fair. But saw her back on stock and couldn’t resist. Definitely, way more than I should spent on a first guitar.

But It looks so good :joy:

It also made me want to go back to trying to learn how to play.


It is a beauty, guitar should inspire you to play and this one definitely does :slight_smile:. Happy NGD!

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Very nice, enjoy playing it!

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Happy NGD Claudio, that is a nice looking guitar. Enjoy!

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you pick up the guitar, now you feel like playing FF
you play FF, now you feel like playing the guitar

oh dear!

:guitar: :video_game: :guitar: :video_game:

happy NGD!

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Sounds like a great problem to have :joy:

Awesome Claudio, sure she sounds as good as she looks! Happy NGD :slight_smile:

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Holy Moly! That is one good looking strat :heart_eyes: congrats and have fun :v:

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