Fender Tone Master Pro

Not watched yet. Tbh whilst I love my gadgets I’m not in the market for this anyhow :grin:

Well, that new fender processor looks pretty fancy. All the demos sound real good. Too much to choose from for sure.
Looks like folks are gonna like that one. It looks inspirational for many.

But as for now, for me, I’ll just stick with the prri I got. It fulfills the tones I’m looking for. + it’s simple to operate. And I just can’t tell ya, the more I play , the more I like simple good tone. The prri fulfills that for me, so I’m good where I’m at.

All this tech is overwhelming to me. I just want good tone with the turn of a couple of knobs and call it a day.

Darn, I feel old sometimes!

Keep on jammin!

I’ve had a Mustang GTX40 along with the 7-button footswitch for about 3 years. It has been a great set up so far and I still get plenty of inspiration and enjoyment from it. But, I know that at some point I will want something that will provide more full volume, great tone, and maximum versatility.

I have been considering the Line6 Pod Go or Helix LT and some sort of FR speaker. The new Tone Master pro is definitely more expensive than the modeler/fx models I have been considering, but the high sound quality (especially of Fender amps), ease of use, and internal power supply all have me considering the splurge.

I’m still in the research and save mode for now, but I am definitely interested.

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Those fender frfr cabs look good


@jkahn looks like a decent update! I am shocked fender with a useful update!

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Hooray! Gotta get updating.

Looks like some useful features. The switch linking will be super good.

I ended up getting one of these at the end of the year. It’s really amazing and I think one of the things that makes it so great is the feel, dynamics, and sensitivity. Even though the sounds are an improvement over my Mustang GT, it is the responsiveness that really makes it different - it feels like playing a real amp.

I’m psyched with the new update and looking forward to the TMP getting even better in the months and years to come.


They do sound good, this or a QC tho? Would have to give both a try

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The responsiveness, sound, and insane amounts of configurability - I love mine too. The ability to play around edge of breakup is awesome.

The QC is more mature from a feature standpoint and I know there are a lot of people that love it, but from a user interface perspective there is no comparison.

I know that different people have different priorities, but for me the TMP sounds great, feels great, and is easy and fun to use.

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yeah the usability and UI is certainly class leading , plenty of features too

interesting that its a modeler vs amp sim kinda argument too.

I wonder if fender will ever add a feature to capture an amp

I remember watching one of Justin’s lessons three or so years ago and he talked about his kemper profiler. I looked it up on line and saw how expensive it was and thought - there’s no way I would spend that much money on something like that. Fast forward three years and I have spent that much! But I feel like it’s a good value because I don’t have to buy a bunch of amps, pedals, and always be on the lookout for the next great thing. The TMP is awesome and I can look forward to it getting better overtime without me having to keep shopping, comparing, and spending.


I always love listening to gear reviews for the latest modelling/profiling technology, but if I’m honest, I can’t really tell the difference in tone quality between them (OK, listening over youtube probably washes out any subtleties, but still, there’s no huge difference in achievable tones to my ears).

That said, I bought a reasonably high end modeler - the Fractal FM3 - when it first came out (maybe 3 years back?). I could afford it at the time and my reasoning was - “well at least whatever happens I won’t be regretting not going for a more expensive modeler”. It’s probably at the top of the tweakability rankings, which appealed to me because DSP was my day job once upon a time.

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Someone please talk me out of buying one of these, or at least convince me to wait until at least the next firmware update… !
Been watching the reviews and demos since release and am gradually getting more GAS. It has the potential to make my current setup (slightly) more convenient in some respects but do I really need (want!) it … :thinking:?

Does this help?

By the way, in the end he returned it.



Yes and no (but thanks) :wink: It’s a 4 month old commentary and whilst not everyone was singing Fender’s praises upon release back in October, many were (cf. Mary Spender’s video which was ridiculously OTT in its praise IMHO! )

Having had chance for it to be out in the wild to a wider customer base for some months now, it does appear to be attracting generally positive feedback - now that people have stopped commenting on the initial shock of the price. In fact John himself goes on in an later video, having gigged with it, as saying there’s aspects that he feels are better than the Helix / quad Cortex in terms of form and functionality and longevity.

It would be nothing more than an expensive shiny new thing for me I’ll be honest, although the interface and portability would be advantageous to me as I currently run:

Guitar → Katana → Interface → desktop PC/DAW → monitors

Control of the Katana is ALL done through Tone Studio on the PC and via a footswitch. I honestly can’t remember the last time I used a dial/button (apart from ‘Power’) on the amp directly…

The above works extremely well but it does give me some limits on where I can mess about with the guitar due to the cable routing being hidden out of the way (and before it’s suggested, I can’t be bothered lugging an amp from room to room). I’d sometimes much rather sit downstairs noodling through headphones in the company of the missus in the lounge, than having to shut myself away alone at the other end of the house to practice. It opens up better avenues of playing with a mate at his house too.

Therefore having the flexibility of a portable multi-effects pedal with good tones, selection of amp /cabs and an intuitive GUI does appeal. I know there are potentially better value units out there, but I’m an advocate of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ -especially if the cheaper alternative isn’t what you really desired in the first place.

I won’t be rushing out to immediately buy one but it is firmly on the radar.

Both the helix and qc get regular updates afik and are both amp Modelers (not amp sims) which can model real amps whenever you want, something the TMP can’t, and fender have a habit of forgetting products.

Saying that they are updating this and it’s certainly a better ui etc and sounds good with it

Price wise it’s in the same ballpark as all it’s competitors so not sure that’s a big issue, it’s fender so never going to be a value thing haha

Thanks Rob. The units in direct competition I agree, but my comment about value for money pricing was made comparatively against other lower-tier ‘effects’ units, such as the Valeton GP series or the Boss GX/GT units which would also give me the option of portability.

I also sometimes use Amplitube on the PC when delving into specific amp/cab tones to play around with. The TMP seems very similar in graphical presentation, so maybe that’s why it’s caught my eye.

I guess these things are primarily made for pro/semi-pro gigging guitarists?

Too spendy for the average bedroom player who can do just as good for sounds on a computer with just software

In that respect the QC I think is a little small for the foot switches etc but not terrible , the helix is bigger and has the expression pedal built in…

Not sure how its less portable than a Valeton GP thing?

Nope, won’t do that, it is an incredible piece of kit.