Fete de la musique

today in France its music everywhere , its the : fete de la musique "
people can go in the street and sing and play
but its less and less attractive and not a lot of people do it nowadays

I hope that the people here will celebrate music and play all the songs they can today , enjoy it !!!


Seems they’re leaning into June 21st being the international day of yoga as well based on that image. I’ve played my guitar today but didn’t get to my regular Friday yoga class - I’ve got bad toothache so I’m glad that I at least got one good thing done


Busy at work today Deborah but in honor of Frace’s “Fete da la Musique” I’m going to skip work for a few minutes & play Del Shannon’s “Runaway”!!!
It’s sort of a get away from work & rebel a bit type of song!!! :wink:



I have “Little Town Flirt” in my regular rotation of songs to play. I may have to look into “Runaway.”


Happy Fête de la Musique! :notes: :musical_note:
That’s a shame that it’s not as attractive or big as it used to be though
I was just trying to decide whether I should do some housework or play some music…
this settles it… play music all day! :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: (even though it’s actually 22nd here now, but anyway…)

And happy international day of yoga @mattswain
I did celebrate this here yesterday. Hope your toothache feels better soon! I’d imagine inversions would make that feel a lot more intense! :grimacing: