Few songs i learned recently been a while

Missed you guys havent been on since the old forum not really sure how to format in this new one… i guess ive gotten better… anyway gonna post a few songs here i guess… dont expect everyone to watch them all…

Anyway got a few new guitars since my last visit… been playing every day still i just went on a mad upload spree on my Youtube (there are no tags or descriptions and dont care about subs lol) just use it as a free cloud basically lol

Anyway missed you guys.

Hearts Burst into Fire (coolest into to a song ever)

Sweet Child Of mine GNR


Wow, Josh, it has been a while. Good to see you back in the JG fold and, of course, still knocking out the tunes.

Hi Josh,
You have a lot of good skills,… :sunglasses:
Sometimes a bit out of tune,…
a very poor recording quality/skills :smile: :wink:,…but you can play, and that’s what it’s all about,…but it would be nice if it were a little more in proportion for me,…
But I look forward to more from you if a little more attention is paid to it…because you can play that’s for sure :sunglasses: :clap:

Thanks man good to be back :slight_smile:

Wife was watching tv in background of 1 very loudly… as far as recording. I just set my phone up on the desk lol

Good to see you here again, Josh. Hope life has been treating you kindly.

always just busy working and all that jazz lol

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Welcome back Josh. :slight_smile:

Those were two great songs and I enjoyed them both.

Always enjoy listening to you play, Josh, great tunes.

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Preciate it

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Thanks my friend

Just playing