Fields of Gold fingerstyle

My attempt at Fields of Gold, loosely based on the version by Eva Cassidy.

Out of my comfort zone a little by moving up the fretboard, another one to practice.
Fields of Gold


Beautiful piece of music and you played it tastefully and well. Nice share!

Its was played. It was an enjoyable listen. :metal:

Lovely music, Gary! Well done.

Very nice start on this song, Gary, it sounds lovely. Beautiful piece of music.

Nice and clean, well done :slightly_smiling_face:

Well done.
Have not thought of this song before. You inspired me to learn this one!

Thanks :+1:

Just beautiful! Well Done!

Really great only know Sting’s version but you did it justice. Very nice interpretation :slight_smile:

Really nice. Recognisable and beautiful playing, well done.

Your gentle touch and approach suits this so well Gary. I’m curious to know why you are leaning on your left arm? You may find it you develop this as a habit when you play that it limits you.

Lovely feel and vibe, Gary.

I think Eva Cassidy was wonderful, such a loss. I’m sure she’d be cheering you on.

Hi Gary and welcome to the community.
You were as good as your word and have posted not one but three videos. Kudos aplenty for that.
I’m going to comment in general on all three recordings.
The praise you have received is deserved. Your gentle touch indeed does produce sweet music. You have a nice touch and a steady rhythm in your playing. Only when singing Leaving on a Jet Place did your tempo falter a little due to the extra task of seeking the lyric and singing the words.
I would like to make suggestions that I think will benefit you long term. Technique and other issues that on the surface have not prevented you from playing some fine songs in good style.

One is the seat you are on and the posture you adopt due to sitting there.
It is a soft-cushioned sofa. Your hips are below your knees. Your elbow is jammed in to your midriff. These two things are very restrictive in terms of your fine movement of your hand and wrist for forming chords and moving around the fretboard. Also, small fry though it may sound, you will find it very difficult to tap your left foot and ‘get in the groove’. If you do, it will shake your elbow and hamper your fretting hand further. I encourage you to seek a different seat. A dining chair without arms, a firmer seat, a guitar stool.
The second issue is your thumb and finger positioning in your picking hand. Again, from the sound of what you are doing, all is good. I am trying to suggest a small change in your technique that will prevent a long-term habit that may detract from your progress.
You hold you thumb and fingers together and when you pick the strings they curl together in the same space. They are going to get in each others’ way. This ‘claw-like’ picking is likely to cause you issues further down the line. See if you can relearn a thumb position that opens things up and allows it and the fingers to operate in their own space.
Check Justin’s posture and picking hand in this pictire:

He is sitting on a cushioned sofa but see how upright he is, how his knees are way down below the neck and his left arm, how his left elbow has freedom and space to move and how his picking hand is slightly angled with the thumb protruding a little from the fingers so they all have their own space to move within. Photo taken from this lesson.
Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard_close2u | Community Moderator, Official Guide, JustinGuitar Approved Teacher


A beautiful piece of music beautifully played Gary. Well done.
Take Richard’s points on board. He knows what he’s talking about.

Hi Gary,

That sounded great.
Really nice tone and super clean playing.

Enjoyed it very much.


Thanks Richard for taking the time to do this.
I’m in total agreement about my sitting position and I do find that it restricts my movement, especially when trying to play further up the fretboard, so my next practice session will be playing on a new chair.
I’ve never really noticed your point on the thumb and fingers, though I have taken it on board and plan on visiting Justins Lesson as suggested to see if I can rectify that.
Hopefully my technique will improve for my next post.
Cheers Richard

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Great tune and very well covered Gary. A lovely bit of fingerstyle.

Sounded lovely, really enjoyed it.

Really beautiful to listen to!

Very relaxing to listen. :slight_smile: Gentle, yet with very nice dynamics.