Finally bit the bullet - Line 6 Pod Go en route to Normanie!

Thanks Toby. Both cost and risk of non-delivery have made me leery of using a supplier like Thomann, but who knows. After all Ivan shipped that looper to me and it arrived successfully.

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Nice one Toby, looks like GAS bit your A55 really hard :joy:
I’ve been resisting doing a complete revamp myself, problem is that when I get to the stage where I’m more or less ready to pull the trigger somehow something else presents itself that completely changes the game and me being me throws a strop and says “oh bu993r it the goalposts are moving too fast”!

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Someone turned up the GAS Roger, that’s for sure.
14:00 it was 37c in the shade under my well !!
And its only getting hotter, so I am staying inside in the cool, hence I need some toys to play with. :rofl:

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What fun, Toby!
You can literally spend months and months just sampling the possibilities.
If you are lucky the time spent exploring will minimize GAS attacks for a while. At least for the next four months :joy:

Looks like a terrific piece of kit Toby. Do you get a separate footswitch with it? As you know, I’ve got a Trio+ pedal and it’s impossible to read the dials, turn knobs by hand and operate the foot stomp buttons at the same time. If it’s at desk height you can’t use it as a footswitch and if it’s on the floor you can’t read it or turn the dials. The separate footswitch is essential with the Trio.

All the coloured “blobs” are actually footswitches, that can be used to select different presets or switch FX on and off like a normal stomp floor pedal. It has an expression pedal but you can add another if needed.

The PodGo is designed to be floor based ( as most are ). It’s no different to a normal pedal board really. You turn a dial to move between pedals and adjust settings using other disks below the screen. The idea is you setup one or more presets to suit your tastes and then just use two of the foot switches to move between them.

You can - if you want - add two external foot switches as well which in theory would allow you to have PodGo at table height and those at floor level. It’s not the way most will use it.

Happy New Pedal Day! Have lots of fun!

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When asked about mult-fx pedals Confucius said “A picture/diagram paints a 1000s words.”

You’re in for some fun! :smiley:

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So would you have it a desk height to create the fx you want, assign the fx to one or more foot switches and then put it on the floor when you play your song?

I would leave it on the floor and use the PC editor to build patches. They are almost always more user-friendly.




Thanks Jason you’ve answered my question!

What Keith and Jason said. I am browsing the manuals ahead of its delivery. As I want to check out the software. I pretty much managed the Mustang III with the Fuse interface, so this will be similar and I suspect just as intuitive, once I have my bearings. Once I have seen what is available I’ll start tweaking but I do not expect to have to replace or amend every pre-set as I did with the III as the factory ones were all too extreme. But that’s all part of the fun.

Congrats! I’m sure you will be happy with it.
It takes a little bit of learning (reading the manual really helps) but once you “get it”, the Line6 Helix products are super user friendly IMO. The PC editor is really great, if you play near a PC I would use that for setting up presets for sure!

Pretty much conjoined twins, which I guess I’m allowed to say following Brian latest dalliance. Mustang is under the PC desk and pedals to its left, pulled out when needed.
The small “shelf” thing above ^^^ somewhere at the start, will sit over the Fender foot gear and be the resting home for the Pod when not in use. It will just need lifting and shifting for me to play sitting or standing. I am banking on a lot of sitting to start with, as I navigate both Pod and software. But not for long !

On the case already with that. :wink:

There is also something called “Helix Native”, which is a plugin version of their modelling platform for use in a DAW. I use that a lot actually - for all/most of my practice sessions (started doing that before I got the PodGo, now I could use either one), and also on all my recordings… for the “back-end” part of the tone only (delay, reverb, chorus etc). The reason being that I like to be able to tweak those effects in the mixing phase, rather than recording them with fixed settings from the hardware.

I mention this because Line6 often runs an offer along the lines of $49, if you have a registered hardware products with them. I know you’ll want to play with your new toy first, but perhaps worth keeping an eye out for as well - at least down the line :slight_smile:

Appreciate the heads up on that Kasper, will keep it in mind.

Bummer ! Just had a mail from UPS to say delivery delayed until Tuesday !! :angry: :rage: :hear_no_evil:

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