Finally bit the bullet - Line 6 Pod Go en route to Normanie!

Well I’ve been mulling it over all weekend.

As much as enjoy using my Mustang III, the limitations of its internal “pedal board” have started to get a little frustrating. My Zoom GFX707 multi-fx is so old and basic, its next to useless as it does not have a stomp facility.

I have seen Jason @Rossco01 get great mileage out of his POD, not only at our OMs but also his live live shows with Retrospective. Then I saw that @Kasper had also got one a while back for backup when gigging !! So it was kind of no brainer, though I could have waited for Kasper to come back off his jollies and spill the beans, on what he now thought of this box of tricks. But as I am lightyears away from his play grade, I don’t think any issue he has encountered are even going to ping on my musical radar but we’ll see.

For those that may not of seen, I turned 66 this year which meant my UK state pension kicked in. So I am a little flush at the moment, thus it made good sense to jump in now before inflation makes the extra cash just part of the monthly merry go round.

A little shelf (well 2) has been acquired, so it can sit under the studio desk, with the Mustang floor set underneath. Cushty.

Happy as pig in :poop: and looking forward to making some noise !



Oh good stuff they look a quality pedal board thing

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Watching this yesterday tipped the balance. :sunglasses:

Nice one Toby,
a new gear day is always a good feeling. :smiley:

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“Like a moth to the flame”
Enjoy :smiley:

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Oh I’m not watching that, have accumulated way too much guitar stuff this year already…

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Oh you’ll be impressed I’m sure…. Are you going into the fx loop of your mustangs or separate powered speakers?

I must admit I was sorely tempted after seeing that same Andertons video!!

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Yes, possibly, I don’t know !!! :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

I just want to whack into the AI, stick my cans on and noodle through the 300 pre-set!
I’ll worry about all the complicated stuff later but yes the FX loop is an option.
Might reach out for advice on BT integration in the future but baby steps for now !


You know it makes sense ! :sunglasses:

And so the GAS strikes…

Will be interested to hear how you find it.

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Got some more lick work in the pipe line, so it that will be a great way to explore the tones and other bits n bobs :sunglasses:

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Congrats Toby, sure you’ll have loads of fun and I look forward to being entertained as the Madman rocks it.

Curious as ever … your price in a proper currency is 400. In what passes for currency locally, applying RoE it’s 8000. I know lots of relativity involved etc etc etc. Still a quick google shows a couple of local ads … 14500 or 17500. :grimacing:

Not a likely acquisition should I develop the itch for such a MFX unit.

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For once the actual factory presets aren’t too bad… however as always with Mfx my starting point would be a blank preset and then add the amp, get that setup, then add your pedals as needed. JC120 and Fenders are my go to for cleans… Cartographer and Orange rocker for dirty. The 70s chorus is a dream, teemha distortion great. Really the pedals sound pretty identical to the real thing.


Egads that’s a hike for sure.

I wonder if that relates to import tariffs ? Thomann quote it as 468 euros, so the £399 is a guide for exchange. So after RoE it comes in around 415 sterling but I used PayPal to spread it over 4 months interest free. And just checked the ZAR on my FX site and as you say 8k !! Some one somewhere is taking the proverbial down there my friend !

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Cool ! I am now drooling with anticipation. :rofl:

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Quite sure it does, Toby. Plus profit margins of the local retailers. I think the local market is far smaller, less busy, so can understand margins needing to be higher given lower volume against fixed retail costs.

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Well call that effect over here the Australia-tax. Even though it’s not really tax. Sounds like the “SA tax” effect is even more extreme than here.

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Economics are a :poodle: ain’t they ! But yes all that makes sense.

Interestingly, thought I’d reverse engineer on Thomann

So on paper it looks good but …

Goods subject to custom declaration; customer fees to be paid on delivery if applicable.

But could be worth some digging, if the itch ever needs scratching. :sunglasses:

Hi Toby,
I wish you a quick ALMSD… :grin:

a lot more stuff

Greetings and don’t get too excited with the coming heat days / week :upside_down_face:

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