Finally Built a “Big Boy” pedal board

I bought the wood board from a guy on Reverb, and all the pedals are either used or hand-me-downs, but it’s so nice to have your pedals stay in place when you step on them :slight_smile:


Very tidy.

Looks good, of course you are now obliged to walk us through the pedals, connection chain and fixed or gravity status of said pedals.

Guitar - TU-3 Tuner - Blues Driver - Amp input
Effects SEND - Boss RT-20 - No-Name Digital Delay - RC-5 Looper - JHS volume pot - Effects RETURN
Amp is a 1994 Fender Twin with spring reverb (with 1/2 the output tubes pulled AND running in low-power mode, it still is loud as hell when you turn it up!)

The RT-20 is a digital Leslie cabinet and Uni-Vibe simulator. It also allows you to mix-in the dry signal, which gives a nice Chorus effect. The Leslie sounds great when you play the intro to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and the Uni-Vibe makes “Breathe” sound awesome! Now, if I could only play like Gilmour LOL!


Thanks much !