Finally coming back

Well, started plying again after a long break after shoulder surgery. Finally getting my callouses back . Changed strings to those new DAddaeio silvers and my fingers are a little ouchy today though. Finally finished grade 2 and I feel like I,m close to being back. Reading Justins comments about picking a direction and going in hat direction is kind of a hard concept. I have such an eclectic interests and song base that it’s hard to choose one direction. I feel like a kid in a candy store. So many techniques and songs I want to learn and so much I need to regain after having played for so many years in my youth that I just salivate at the possibilities. So I’m just going to continue gaining technique and songs in various genres and go for it.
Willpractice a little more of grade 2 things I need to and then proceed on to grade 3 .
Thanks to all of you for your encouragement during my recovery. .But don’t look for my next album for awhile :slight_smile:


Welcome back. Find a song or two and focus on playing them all the way through. Making solid repeatable progress is all about the songs.

Glad to see you back Dean and glad that the shoulder surgery has gone well.

I’m with you, picking a direction is hard when you enjoy so much great music.

that’s cool; fresh and driven motivation,
playing till you fingers ache.
You have momentum, now you need DIRECTION

How about doing some thinking over coffee and come up with some SMART goals?

Welcome back, good news on the shoulder surgery and you back playing enjoy.

Good to see you back Dean. I am sure it won’t take longer before those fingertips stop complaining. :wave:

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Welcome back Dean, good to hear of a mojo finding it’s home again!! :slight_smile:

I’m at the beginning of grade 3 and yet to choose a specific direction, I think you’ve still got a little leeway in making a call!! Just keep on having fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the kind words and advice. I agree that I need goals and l do practice my songs. Some blues I play on the strat and most everything else on the Tak acoustic. Genre are spread around for sure. I am concentrating on the tecniques for each that give me the sound I want. It is however so exciting to go outside of my practice and skills drills and hoot around on something totally different. So it is like being in a candy store. You can gi anywhere you want and learn so many different techniques.
Thanks for the advice. I will set more goals.

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