Finally on my way after so long!

Hello everybody!

I have been a member of Justinguitar since 2019 and read from time to time in the community but never wrote anything myself. Now I felt I wanted to share this with you.

The first time I ever picked up a guitar I was 15 years old. We had a nylon string guitar with a missing G string :grin:. That was when I first felt a contact between me and a guitar. A friend of mine had a flying V electric guitar that I loved to try when I got the chance. Unfortunately, it didn’t become much more with that and it would take until I was 30 before I felt that I wanted to pick up the guitar playing again. I bought a cheap electric guitar together with a simple amplifier and signed up for a guitar course. Just like the time I was 15, I gave up pretty soon. Didn’t think I learned anything and had what it takes so the motivation went to zero. I sold the guitar and amplifier and eventually forgot about it. Now the years have passed and I have become an old geezer :cowboy_hat_face:. The idea of ​​playing has come and gone over the years and now I wanted to give it a last chance. I bought myself a decent guitar and amp and started looking for guitar lessons on the internet and luckily I found Justinguitar almost immediately! This time, I feel like I can move on and actually learn to play and enjoy it. I don’t need to feel that I can’t do it, being not talented enough or have this performance anxiety. I know I’m easy to give up and it’s happened even now that I sometimes doubt about the whole thing. But every time I pick up my guitar, log on to Justinguitar and start my practice routine, it’s like all the blues just disappear. The self-esteem and joy of playing comes back. It is fantastic! The world’s best therapy :wink:! Many thanks and love to Justin Sandercoe for helping me believe in myself as a guitarist and that I can use my instrument to express myself and enjoy it! I which all of you good luck and have fun in your guitar journey!
Cheers! :+1:


Hi there Bluesfeeling and welcome along for the ride!

Your story is so familiar with failed previous attempts, same here from many moons ago. The fact you’ve tried a few times shows the itch is still there and Justin’s methods and style just seem to work for so many of us. So pleasing to read of the self-esteem and joy you take from having the guitar in your hands, a truly wonderful medicine :slight_smile:

Wish you lots of luck and smiles with your journey as well, keep us posted on your progress and look forward to hearing more :+1:


Hi there Blues and welcome.

What a familiar story you tell, so many of us starting and stopping many many times over the years. Never really losing the desire to want to play but maybe always missing that rare ingredient, an engaged teacher who explains things simply and keeps you motivated to follow his, so importantly structured path.

Glad to see you have picked up again and made your way here. If you were familiar with the old forum, you will know that there is nothing but supportive helpful folk, wanting to guide you on your journey. In this new house, nothing has changed but there are more folks travelling the same road, all willing to share their knowledge and experience. So exploit that to the full.

If you ever get stuck or feel like giving up, come here for advice. This journey is full of ups and downs and many plateaus and we’ve all been in similar situations. A cry for help will solicit support, get you back on track and get you moving forward again. Its that simple.




Hey Blues, there is much in your story I can relate to. Dreamed about it for years, had one false start and finally got serious about it 10 years ago. It’s been so worth the effort for me, so hang in there when the motivation lags and keep plugging away. You won’t regret it.


A very warm welcome to the community.
Follow the programme, do the practice, learn lots of songs and have fun!

Hello ,
I wish you a lot of fun and perseverance… it’s good that you crawled out of your shell a bit, hopefully you will soon be able to hear some of your (blues) music in a video of jezels, because that’s what you give guitar adventure a huge boost…

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll stick with it this time, especially following Justin’s course.

Welcome to the Community, bluesfeeling. It’s never to late and you have found a teacher in Justin with the support of the Community that provides a tried and tested way to learn to play. Take it slow and steady, enjoy the practice and playing, and you will learn to play.

I can relate also. I took a year of classical guitar in Jr high school. I wanted to go further. I stayed after class asking the teacher to help me play my kind of music. He taught me a couple of chords that I sorta make, but got stuck making the changes. I eventually gave up. I tried a couple of times though my adult life, but no success
Now at 60 I am doing the lessons on Justin guitar and am making progress and enjoying it.
The really great thing about Justin is that he walks you through the most common mistakes, and I also really like the fact that you can go back and review the video on things that you forget.
That was one of my problems with in person lessons. I would get stuck on rembering something. I could go on and on, but I really appreciate Justin’s teaching style,…Hats off to great teachers like him.

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Welcome to the forum. Your journey sounds a lot like mine. Good luck with your journey

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Hi Bluesfeeling, welcome. The same way you have learnt so far it will be forward on. You at some point will ran out of lessons but by the time that happens you will have quite a number of songs in your repertoire and the tools to keep learning on your own but by now just take your time and build a strong foundation.


Welcome blues. I love your testimonial, it is really motivating.

I can relate, I also gave up guitar 10 years ago, but this time is the right one. I have been playing with Justin for almost a year and I will continue this journey for many more to come. :slightly_smiling_face: You can do it too !

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