Finding it difficult to keep up with the Community

Hi guys

I’m currently struggling to keep up with all that’s going on here as the site is so busy.
I’m approaching my sixth year of learning guitar and my sixth year as a JustinGuitar Forum/Community member.

I take my hat off to those of you who can continually offer support to others but I’m now finding it difficult to be enthusiastic with regard to the same questions and issues being expressed and raised on the forum, whether it be guitar lesson related or Community admin related. I listen to the AVOYPs and in many cases don’t know what to say. I realise this is very selfish as I have benefited from the advice and support from you all.

At the same time I say to myself “what do I know”. I’m a mediocre player. I should be supporting others who are earlier in their journey and appreciative of the others who are far ahead of me.

Reading posts takes so much time but responding with something worthwhile takes even longer. I don’t want to be a “that was great” responder but replying takes quite a bit of time. I enjoy reading all the different posts to see what others are up to and what queries they have but already spend too much time on the site.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not a sad ‘internet’ person. I have a happy and fulfilling ‘real’ life but I do enjoy all the guitary Community stuff too.
I want to remain active on the site but am currently finding it difficult.
Perhaps I should just take a break from it all.


Hi Gordon. I tend to scan most posts quickly, together with the comments. If someone’s already said what I was thinking, I don’t bother duplicating it, a “like” indicates I agree with the comment. Similarly with AVOYPs, if I’ve nothing to add to what’s already been said, no comment, but a like on the post shows I’ve listened and like it. But at the end of the day, it isn’t mandatory to read every post, and I do read the ones with the most interesting titles first and then occasionally hit the “dismiss new” button. So I end up reading most posts, distributing likes fairly liberally, but only replying to those where I feel I’ve got something constructive to add to what’s already been said.


Are you using the filter to limit what you see? Takes a bit of finding but well worth it.

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You are not alone my friend, so don’t feel overwhelmed. You don’t need to read and respond to every post, leave that to the super @roger_holland

To be totally honest since I’ve been a member one of the comments that I have received from you has been the one that has benefited me the most.

Again. You don’t need to read every post my friend. If I did that I wouldn’t have time to practice guitar even if I was retired.

Be selective read, watch and respond to what captures you attention and where you could give a constructive comment/response that would benefit the OP.

To be honest I’ve missed you. I’ve seen you’ve not been as active as you used to be but at the end of the day be as active as life takes you. You don’t have to log on every minute of the day. Just pop on when you have the time, view the posts that interest you, comment where you feel fit and give feedback where your feel your feedback will add value.

Noooooooo… seriously if you feel you need to take a break then do so my friend to recharge your batteries but… and it’s a big but… you got to post your one take Wednesday productions on YouTube all public so I can still follow your progress.

Apologies for the big post but you’ve been one that I’ve clicked well with on here.


Gordon, I remember @TheMadman_tobyjenner having similar thoughts a while ago. I think the way the community is now is very different than it used to be - I wasn’t on the old one, I only started learning just before this community went live. I think on the old site you could keep up with everything.

Those of us - like me - that were used to giant sites, like reddit/etc, still find the community manageable. I don’t think I’d been part of an internet community like this, where the regulars know each other, since my IRC days back 24 years ago. Somebody posted recently that there are less than 100 regular members.

How can you keep up with everything? You can’t. I just dip in and out in the stuff that interests me.

AVOYPs? I love to watch the regulars, and sometimes watch “new” regulars - people that actually seem like they might be part of the community. Sometimes I write nothing, sometimes a one liner, sometimes something longer… People that just post and aren’t really contributors, skip their posts.

Questions? If it strikes my fancy, I’ll write something lengthy or well thought out. Sometimes I can’t be bothered or think that the person should be able to figure it out by themselves so I say nothing… or don’t read it.

Intro posts? I avoid these entirely, don’t even read them. Well, only go back to read them if I see the person writing elsewhere and I want to find out about them.

And plenty of stuff I miss. Loads of it. Someone posted an AVOYP recently and I thought it was their first one, I looked at their profile I noticed it was their third over 6+ months - I’d just missed them all!

It’s a bit like a pub I guess. You’re not going to be part of every conversation.


I to find it a bit of a chore to try and keep up, one solution is to mute some of the Categories you’re not interested in. In AVOYP I just hit the :heart: symbol if I like the persons performance and only post if I feel the person has done something out standing. I also ignore posts when the get off topic. Which seems to be getting out of hand lately. Sometimes as early as the first few posts.
Don’t feel bad if you can’t be everything to everyone. After all we are human and have other things to do.


It just isn’t possible for me to keep up with everything, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Nor should you or anyone else. Keep it fun, interesting and help out as often as you feel inclined. Folks can always “@” me if they want to chat about finding their own voice on the instrument, mucking around with tone, affordable gear, and any of my known peeves, or other things that I tend to ramble on about, etc. :slight_smile:


Its all good Gordon. Cut yourself some slack mate I reckon.
You’ve been an active and valued member here for some years now. And I, like many others, have always enjoyed both your engagement , and your playing.
As someone who came in a couple of years after yourself, you were one of those members who welcomed and encouraged me, and helped develop that great ethos that makes this community so special.
Life ebbs and flows, things change. I’ve always been grateful for those like yourself in the early days.

I became a bit overwhelmed when our ‘little’ community exploded about 18 months ago. Didnt quite feel the same for a while, but I’ve adapted to it now. I utilise the little emoji alot more now. I do tend to welcome newcomers, will always click on a blues, an improv, or a theory post, and engage. And there’s certain people, like yourself, who I always read. As for the rest, well, that’s what everyone else is here for. :nerd_face:
I think too that once you get to an intermediate level, one tends to focus more on particular areas, and engage with other sources along with JG and the forum. Again, all good.

Or perhaps all the above is senseless drivel from me, and you just need to buy another guitar Gordon :smiley:

Cheers, Shane


I don’t even try to read all the threads. If the thread title indicates something meaningful to me, or that I might be able to help with (which isn’t often, given my lack of skill) I’ll take a look. Otherwise not.


Thats ok, its not your job , just do what you can and what you feel you can give.


Many great valid comments here, but my two cents worth anyway. As an active new member I have gained sooooo much from this community, mostly from those older members (time not age :wink:). I have been given feedback on AVOYPs and helpful advice on not only playing but also the tech that goes along with recording, videoing, editing not to mention the hardware side :face_with_spiral_eyes: :smiley: It’s like having a muso mate around the corner that you talk like minded stuff with :grin: all that’s missing is the :beers:

There are a key group (you know who you are :wink:), who’s advice and information I value greatly. So, having gained so much I try to offer as much back as I can. Of course early in my journey it’s hard when there are so many knowledgeable people here but if nothing else I have a keen ear and am happy to offer support and encouragement where I think its due.

I do plenty of other stuff including plenty of sport but whilst I’m watching tv or a youtube music video I check in on the “NEW” button for recent posts or whilst I’m practicing it’s running on another tab on the lappy. If I have time I may delve deeper into a thread that interests me otherwise I only go as far as the NEW threads.

As has been said, no obligation, people do what they can. I think if we lost people from that core group it would be a shame and a loss but we all got do what we gotta do, these community journeys are rarely forever :thinking: :+1: And this group is certainly growing at a great rate.


Yeah. I used to read most posts but, these days, I just dip in, scan the new post titles and only bother with ones that interest me of where I might have an opinion.




Gordon, don’t let this stress you - at least don’t less this stress you too much :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what it was like on the old forum … But, I remember, we have discussed about something similar at some point last summer a bit in a different context… It’s likely that the community will get busier. Surely especially adding the fantastic live clubs will attract more new members and encourage others to engage more (which is a good thing of course).

I can only chime in with what many people have said, don’t feel obliged to read everything, to welcome every new member to the community etc. It’s not possible… And I think some cherry picking is perfectly okay :cherries: :cherries: :cherries:

Your comments have always been very helpful to me. Remember the Hcsterg-guitar? :slightly_smiling_face: Still makes me smile, every time I’m trying
to record something. I liked your comment on my last video so much, because you were one of the few suggesting what I could improve.

Please do what feels best for you. If you need a break then take it :slightly_smiling_face: I’m egoistic as well,however, and I would miss your helpful comments and beautiful one take Wednesday videos.


As another active ‘newbie’ perhaps I’m part of the problem! When I started I was commenting on every introduction and AVOYP but I quickly stopped as there was too much and now comment where I can add something or where a post or recording strikes a note with me (pun intended!).

I think @CT hit the nail on the head with ‘keep it fun’ … this isn’t a sport and no one is keeping score.


Gordon, my friend, join the club :wink:
I have posted similar sentiments on at least three previous occasions (although I have a heavier habit than you :roll_eyes:) Sigh…
It’s quite liberating to free yourself from guilt feelings of ‘having to respond’ to only doing what you feel like. (Beware being sucked back in :wink:) @jkahn comes closest to expressing my current attitude, so I shan’t repeat.
Time spent in the Community and frequency of posting is neither good nor bad. It’s about what you get out of it yourself. The above responses show that you are obviously a liked and treasured member and I enjoy your comments, even if you give me a hard time.
@LievenDV is an long-time member, accomplished player, active member with more valuable contributions than most of us in this thread. Take a quick look at his ‘stats’. That’s effective resource management :smiley:

I’m afraid that’s all the waffle I can afford here. I’ve wasted all the time I was going to use defending the abolition of inheritance in a different thread… :rofl:
See you around, you miserable Scot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Gordon,
I’ve thought about you regularly in recent weeks, because I didn’t see you … you mentioned the crowds of people and the amount of topics more often, so I already suspected that that was it and not something more serious (health)… please don’t distance yourself completely and cherry pick what you want and as long as you want that and no one here is going to blame you for that… :people_hugging:

I think it’s terrible that I’m the only one who didn’t receive that email :confounded:

Greetings Rogier


I will add, spare a thought for the mods, who do have an obligation to pay a lot more attention to the community.

I used to be a moderator on a fairly major forum for a well-known brand. I reckon a spent at least an hour or two every day just on administration and other duties: cleaning up spam and clearing out dubious accounts, checking the forum rules were being followed, moderating arguments, tidying up and merging threads, etc.

I enjoyed doing it at the time, but I don’t miss it.

So, let’s raise a glass to our lovely mods.




@sairfingers Gordon

As @jkahn said I expressed similar views a while back and still think that way. I often refer to the Community as a large city, compared from the old village forum we came form. That size difference creates a different feel and vibe. And there is no way you can keep up or comment of every post. Sadly we have lost some good folk here who were just overwhelmed but guess that’s progress some might say. Outside of this place I have no involvement with other forums apart from the odd search result now and then, so can’t compare in respect of volume, only attitude.

I also felt unable to offer advice like I used, as I was out of touch with the courses after the rewrite and additional material, so I just said nowt. Having gone back over those early Grades and going through grade 3 now, I feel more qualified to do so but its not mandatory.

These days I skimmed read most posts and only reply when I feel I can add value, or have been tagged or if something has caused some irritation - seems to be more of that these days, especially when folk have clearly not followed a lesson or read the notes with it - but generally bite my tongue. That could be grumpy old man syndrome anyway !

I rarely listen to recordings unless its someone I know or something that interests me, be that a song or the poster. And a lot of time I’ll just hit the like button rather than comment and no longer feel guilty about not contributing.

So don’t feel bad about how you feel, I reckon its pretty common and just the result of being something huge, with an ever increasing desire to make it bigger, it would seem. Growth is no longer organic, folk arrive here by default and often don’t have a clue where they are or why they are here.

At the end of the day do what’s good for you, there is no obligation to do anything more.



After thought from me as well… @sairfingers Hopefully, it has now been established that there is absolutely no need to feel guilty.

Like @roger_holland I am one of those who reads a lot. Accordingly, I have become quite familiar with the unique culture of the community, which I appreciate a lot.

I think, with new people joining (and I’m still new myself) and not knowing where they are and why they are here, it’s important to keep this culture alive. And that’s where key-stakeholders come in. People who know how the old forum worked, who can help to keep the flame alive, so to say.

But it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. I thought about the donation issue a lot recently - and to me, donating your time is equally valuable as donating money.

So instead of receiving tons of hearts etc. I much rather take the occasional useful comment… And… Oh… @CT as soon as I will have finally really start progressing making songs my own will become a very important topic for me… be warned :slightly_smiling_face:


Confession time.

I don’t read all the posts.
I simply can’t.