Finding it difficult to keep up with the Community

Sure is :slight_smile:

I guess the old forum was like a pub you can chat to everyone and keep up

A larger community means you cant do it all but so long as everyone does a bit everything gets covered


What it all boils down to in the end Gordon, is do what makes you happy and all will be well.


I understand your concern, Gordon. Simply not enough time to read all like we used to do in the old forum. I just choose one or two, most days, that catch my attention. I usually look for a familiar name one day, one I’m unfamiliar with another day. I also look for songs I know and like.

I always enjoy your comments and posts. I’ve said before, we have similar tastes. So I’m happy we will still
be hearing from you.


I was “@'d” in this thread so I responded with an appropriate answer. Many of us can carry multiple thoughts in our heads.

Thread police and topic flaggers do keep score. The other side of the “@'ing” me coin is to go into your settings and block my posts. I raised two teenage girls, I can handle being ignored. LOL

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Just as @Richard_close2u said,

Same here.
And i’ve cut everything “social” from my phone, computer, the lot. Don’t need it, don’t want it.
This community is the only thing i follow and even then, i don’t have time to read everything. Or even log on regularly. Let alone reply. (providing there’s a topic where i can provide something worthwhile).
My life is allready filled up with music and sports. (the one complements the other).
Not that i wouldn’t mind spending more time around here, but i just can’t.
If a day would have 48 hours, that would be great, but it doesn’t. So i just log on whenever i can.

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I fully understand that you can’t. I am a prolific lurker and I can’t read even a tiny fraction of content on this site.

I do have a question tho- when I began my guitar journey using Justin’s course I was thrilled with the prospect that he would answer our lesson questions on the forum. It was pretty much the reason I chose his course over others out there. It’s been many months and I think I’ve seen Justin post one or two times on the open mic events IF it’s one he’s hosting. I understand he’s basically in celeb status now - insanely busy with all the site upgrades and content upgrades and workshops and doing more and more ideas, and I can’t even imagine what else or how he manages to find time to spend with his family. So I noticed answers to my questions would come from a couple of folks like yourself, who were approved method teachers/responders. Ok that works just as well. But there’s so much discussion in the regular chat forum, the gear forum, the videos…now I’m noticing that there aren’t even many responses from the teachers anymore, at least not for my own questions even if they’re posted in a thread dedicated to a lesson. As much I appreciate and put to use advice from other experienced posters, and they do quite often provide exceptional advice, are there any plans in the works to continue or reinstitute interactions with approved teachers, at the very least in the lesson threads?


Stacy, when I am wearing my ‘work hat’ I spend my time trying to respond to questions in Beginner grades 1-3, the subscription courses (theory, strumming etc.), somewhat less in the Intermediate grades. I do try to cater for people who post in the lesson specific topics. I have had a lean spell in recent months due to a house move and other life stuff needing my time. I am in the process of trying to catch up with those important sections. As I do so it is always a great source of satisfaction to see how often other community members have offered help and support. :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying. Please don’t think I was criticizing, bec I’m not! I fully recognize the time commitment and pressure you guys must have with the community growing so much so fast. With it being free, it’s only going to get bigger…and that’s a great thing! But the work load must be unreal and I’m sure we’d all love to have more resources to lean on but people need to be paid for their commitment, and with so much free content, I don’t know where enough money would come from! Bless everyone volunteering, and bless everyone even if they’re hired and receiving pay!

I totally get it- focusing on the early grades and the paid courses, that’s definitely where you’re needed most.
And taking time for personal matters is absolutely a necessity! Even just a breather from online interaction is essential, we should all make sure to unplug for a substantial period of time once a month or one a quarter at least.

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To some degree even on the old forum Justin by self admission was an absent father and his appearances became less and less, understandable given his work load and especially when he reconstructed and rebuilt the whole Justin teaching system.

So it has always fallen to the more experienced members and mods to answer question and provide support. In the old days and still so now, nearly all of those members had followed Justin’s teaching method. So they were on the same path as those asking the questions, just a little bit further down the road, many a long way down the road. That is where I started, asking questions and when my experience grew replying to those coming up the road behind me.

Folk need to remember that Richard, Lieven and David’s role as mods is to manage content and ensure standards are maintained and things are put in the right place. With the volume as it is now that’s is almost a full time job. The fact that Richard and Lieven are Approved Teachers it does not fall in their responsibilities as mods to answer questions but they do and they do a lot and they share a lot of knowledge.

So it falls to those of us who have been through and are still going through the system, to share that workload and likewise share our knowledge and experience. Because we have trod the path and are still walking down it, means we can give replies that come from hands on experience of doing the same lessons and maybe sharing some of the pitfalls or where to avoid the pot holes. It is one of the reason’s I went back and reviewed Grade 1 and 2 because of the new material that was not there back in the day.

If you have walked the walk, I think you can talk the talk. That is the epitome of Justin’s concept of Paying It Forward. Many people have moved on overtime but there are many of us still here trying to help, which hopefully allows the likes of Richard and Lieven to focus on some of the more technical or theoretical questions.

This is not a rant, I am just trying to put things into perspective. Many folk will not be aware that this process has continued seamlessly in the background since I’ve been here for a decade and before. Unspoken and unstoppable (I hope).

So all of you can help those on the road behind you, that is how the Community was built in the early days and long may it continue. :sunglasses:


This is exactly how I feel sometimes. But I try to be nice and lead them in the right direction when I can. Sometimes I tend to be a bit blunt. However it seems some of the younger generation seem to need that once in awhile?? I don’t know, sure seems to be that way sometimes.

All in all it is still a great community! With so many regulars I would miss them if they bowed out. :sob:. All have really helped me along. I think it is only going to be normal to adjust to the newer forum. We may loose some, but we should gain more like minded people that are virtuosic to their journey with Justin and really following what has obviously helped many others!

Rock on!