Finger pain

Any other old dogs struggling with trigger finger issues

trigger fingers are just one of the many hand issues I confront on a daily basis.
For the trigger fingers I went to a hand surgeon and got shots that instantly cleared the issue. I have done that three times now and the last time the Doctor said no more shots.
I try to avoid work that stresses my hands. Apply a CBD infused cream to my hands nightly. Playing the guitar actually seems to help keep my hands limber.

Welcome to the community Jeff. I’m not an old dog yet, but I do have a finger issue I posted about some time ago. It regularly “crunches” when I bend it, which is never a good noise to hear from a joint. Initially I thought I’d just strained it, but it started months ago now and has not improved. My concern is that whatever is going on will get worse over time, leaving me unable to play guitar at all.

Same here. After a bit of warming up the finger stops locking and I do okay. But later it feels like it was jammed

If you really have a true trigger finger, you may need some outside help like an injection, or even surgery if bad enough. I would start with a hand therapist though. Get some specific movement exercises that may help.

Also, make sure you warm up before playing and practice smoothly passing through any catch points slowly off the guitar.

I don’t have a full trigger finger, but my fretting little finger, is not only a spastic little sh**, but also seems to have two preferred bending positions it abruptly toggles between. I have been working to approach the fretting position from different angles to avoid it and that has helped a lot.

Hope your situation improves =)
This is the first time I heard about this and I should not be straining too much of my fingers now

Hi Jeff

About 5 years ago the ring finger on my right hand would lock up all bent and hurting. I’m right handed. The doc gave me a splint, but being an old fart it was actually worse wearing it than just the trigger finger. I started playing guitar about that time and it didn’t affect holding the pick. I was also retired and my wife still worked so I’m the one that washes the dishes. I also took up baking bread. I don’t know, maybe the kneading dough also helped. Over time the locking up went away, however the second knuckle has gotten somewhat larger. I also changed my diet to one that follows Dr. Grundy’s teachings. I’m not sure what caused it to stop locking up. After the first doctor’s visit I haven’t visited one about the finger. I do play the guitar between 2 and 4 hours a day. Sorry, afraid that wasn’t much help.

Thanks for your reply. Your description of your little finger is (hilarious)spot on with what I have with the middle. Annoying though. I will check into your advice. Obviously surgery would be the last thing on my list.