Finger protection

Hello, anybody got any tips/ advice on finger protection. I’m trying to learn the stuck 3&4 chords but finding it quite painful on my little finger. The reason being, im a self employed gardener and accidentally managed to cut my finger tip off with a hedge trimmer so you can imagine its quite tender. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

Fingertip protectors made from old washing-up liquid bottles seem to be de rigueur.

Seriously though, I can’t think of anything offhand. Is it a recent injury or an old one, out of interest?

And, by the way… OUCH!



Finger protectors for playing guitar are a thing… you can buy them. I can’t say whether they are any good at the job though, having never used them myself. I’m a self employed trade myself, and once managed to slice the tip off of both index and middle fingers in one go. Took a good few weeks before I could fret anything again.

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