Finger Tapping Basics

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I’m in module 12 and just find the Module of Rock Techniques :metal::guitar:.

I’m thinking of adding progressively these exercises along my journey starting now. The module is tagged as “All levels” so I suppose that I can do the finger tapping. However, I’m not sure about the further lessons (like Sweep Picking and Fast legato). These are ok for a grade 2 beginner too? Or I should wait until finishing grade 2 or the whole beginner course?

Thank you!

@Rumil If you are thinking of heading towards sweep picking then you will mostly be sweep picking across partial scale patterns, or triads, or caged chord shapes. If you already know these and have started incorporating them into your improvisations then take a chance and try it. Fast legato will require you to be able to connect together different patterns of a scale laterally along the neck (or arpeggio shapes or triad shapes etc). If you can do some of this already and know multiple patterns for scales then have a try of this too. You can always back off if it is too much.
Hope that helps.
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Thank you @Richard_close2u , it definitely helps. For now, I only know C major scale and A minor pentatonic (I’m at module 12), so I think I’ll stay learning just finger tapping until Justin talks about those concepts that I know nothing about :rofl:

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