Fingers Independence Exercise

First time I saw this exercise I thought it was exactly what I needed…then I tried to do it and I wondered if it were humanly possible at all :exploding_head:

Eventually I decided to try and do a couple of minutes everyday after my regular 5mins fingergym…I need to go super slow and be very careful in order not to hurt my fingers. It’s a week I’m doing it now and although I cannot be much accurate at this point it’s serving the purpose of getting more in control of my fingers.

If you have a try please be careful! And let me know your thoughts? Anyone can do this easily?

I played around with some of these sorts of exercises for a while, but I’ve stopped using them as part of my regular practice. I focus more on songs or licks now.

One thing that made me think was this video of Tim Pierce (a really good session player) struggling with these. Makes me wonder whether they just make you good at exercises?


Hi Silvia,

There are certainly exceptions to certain techniques (minimum movement for example), and when the teachers here say some differently if that is the case I start with it, but I think that such complicated exercises do not contribute to a more or better musical outcome than teaching parts of certain exercises as Pierce says practices in musical pieces…At least I hope so :crossed_fingers: because I stopped a while ago with these kinds of torture exercises when I started with Justin … The video confirmed my hopes at 7:02 i hear while typing this :sweat_smile:

Greetings and hope not to be to be corrected because I have more to do :grin:


Thanks for your replies Paul and Rogier @roger_holland…different teachers teach differently and that makes sense… it’s really good we can have different approaches I think and chose the one that better fits with our own individual needs. There’s this great lesson from Justin, suggesting us how we can be good learners

This is really such big deal I think. I never practice something if I can’t see why I should practice it, and when this exercise popped up I immediately saw how it could be useful for my reccurent fretting hand struggles. So I guess there’s no objective truth here.

Rogier…I wanted to let you know that the sheep is safe! They found her :sweat_smile::partying_face::grin:


If it’s helping you then absolutely makes sense - I think I was doing them simply because I found them hard and thought it was ‘bound to help’ !!


Interesting video. Good to know I am not the only one with difficulty keeping my fingers down. Exercises for me are sometimes good to start with but quickly loose there fascination. Sometimes good for a warm up, but mostly I just play songs or something finger style. :smiley:

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