Fingers Muted Hit Practice-Am I doing it correctly?

Hello JG Community Friends!
I made a short recording of how my Fingers Muted Hit practice is going: I’ve come to a point where I just do it without thinking how to do it anymore and I wonder…does it look and sound correct or at least acceptable? Thanks in advance if someone will check it and give feedback and/or advice :blush:


Hi Sylvia, I’m not sure it sounds like muting. The notes do ring out more like a striking strum, which actually sounds good. If you want it to sound like a top hat drum hit, I think you have to leave the fingers you are striking with on the strings a tough longer. That will keep them from ringing out when you lift them.

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Thanks Mark for giving it a listen and your comment. This should be a half way between a complete muting and a full ringing out strike on the thinnest strings…some ringing out of the chords is actually a wanted effect along with the percussive hit…In the lesson Justin says we can have this using our fingers while we don’t have this option with a pick. Maybe I should find a good balance between muting and ringing out and just practice to have my hand consistent to get a consistent sound throughout the song. In the end I’ll just stick to rule number one: if it sounds good then it’s good :blush::sweat_smile::blush:

Then it sounds like your getting pretty much perfect. :wink: I saw that lesson as well and worked at it a bit. I haven’t found a song I want to use it on though.

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I’m learning it because I need it for my Wind of Change chord melody project, to lift up the Dynamics in the chorus. I’ve chosen this italian 3 chords song I’m humming to practice it…I would try any song where the accents are on 2 and 4; I tried to apply it to One more time by Britney S…it wasn’t bad. But perfect it will never be, lol :blush::wink:

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