Fingerstyle chords - B strong volume/sound


I’m currently learning Justin’s fingerstyle chord -melody arrangement of Yesterday.

Part of it calls for a F# playing 2x220x, and a B7 with x2120x, so with an open B string in each case.

When I play this, the open B string seems to be much louder than everything else and dominates the sound of the chord, also sounding a bit twangy.

I’m using fingertips not nails/picks, on an electric guitar. Is this right or something I need to change on how my third finger is picking the B string?

Hi Sajid,
I practiced this myself for quite a while and even posted a video recording of it… you mean the F#m, and yes that was just a tricky point for me too, just a matter of practice, I totally recognize what you mean,as the only open string, something like this always gives me a challenge…that finger of your picking hand less far in/between the B string should give the relief and the hand what “upright” the strings…and more subtle picking of course…have fun with it :sunglasses: I also play with only my finger pads on the electric …

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