Fingerstyle Course by Justin?

Dear admins,

I would like to ask you if there is some planned course about fingerstyle from Justin like he is doing blues right now. I really like Justin as teacher and I would like to have him as someone who take me through it. I found few videos from him but it does not seems that complex to me like he is teaching strumming with pick from beginning. :slight_smile:

Thank for the answer.

Hi Michal,

from what I know (I myself have only just started with fingerstyle)

There seem to be some kind of course about the technique:

And there are some individual lessons, one in Grade 2:,
one in Grade 3:
And finally there is also a course about finger strumming (probably not what you are looking for, but I wanted to mention it anyways:

There is more in the intermediate modules.


Justin has lots of fingerstyle lessons throughout his beginner grades 12 & 3 and a specific folkfinger style course in Grade 5

He also has a fingerstyle Blues Course but this is not one of his free courses.

Not sure how much it cost these days but reasonable when I picked it up a few years ago.

Hope that helps


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@franzek Thank you very much, I dont know why but I found only few lessons. Did not see anything else out of grade 2 where I started now. I will definitely use your mapped (not Muppet :smiley:) lessons. :slight_smile: That finger strumming looks really promising, gonna check that deeper today.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Folky with travis style… thats exactly it! Thanks for mapping it to me. :slight_smile:


@Carreta Hi Michal.
These do not amount to a structured Justin course but they do offer something too.

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