Fingerstyle with scales

Hello everyone,

Can I please get some help with incorporating scales into Fingerstyle. My goal is to be able to play Melodies while playing Fingerstyle patterns learned in the Fingerstyle course.

I went through the Fingerstyle course and saw we can make our own patterns but it would be great to have a resource where I can learn the basic foundation of applying a scale to these said pattern.

I’d be happy to purchase any material that the website is offering for more information on this.

Thank you.

This will get you started It’s simple beginner finger style but there is a lot to learn from Chet Atkins.
Playing the scale in a song starts at the 1:30 mark of the video.

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Thank you for the reply Stitch.

I watched the video and Chet Atkins plays only the scale whilst other guitars accompany him.

What I meant was how do we play, the rhythm with the thumb and then have the scale going on top of it at the same time with the fingers

Say for the finger style course we have pattern 11

How would I play a scale while playing this pattern 11 or any pattern that we create

Thank you. :slight_smile:

PS. There’s a bonus DVD lesson that explains how to play happy birthday along with the Fingerstyle patterns in the course. I couldn’t find that lesson but I am guessing that would be close to what I am eventually hoping to learn.

I think your mixing up finger picking patterns with chord melody.
The whole Folk Fingerstyle course is on the website. The lesson on Happy Birthday and Waltzing Matilda are both in this group of lessons.


Yes Stitch, that is exactly what I’m trying to do. Mix Chord Melody with Finger style patterns

Justin mentions this on the Happy Birthday lesson in his Folk course. Here:

“After completing this lesson those who have bought the DVD might like to learn the version included as a bonus lesson on the DVD as it combines this chord melody with the Folk Fingerstyle Patterns we have looked at so far. I’ve made sure it’s simple enough to do at this point in the module.”

Unfortunately I am unable to find this lesson anywhere.

I feel this is a crucial development skill in exploring Fingerstyle. And would really appreciate any information on practicing this.

Thank you.

There is a tab under the lesson I posted from the happy birthday lesson as far as I can tell it is the lesson Justin mentions.


Thank you Stitch. I will go through this and the Waltzing Matilda lesson. Thanks. :slight_smile: