FInished Grade 1. Where next? I want to jam to my favourite songs at home


Hi Rick,

Congrats for having finished Grade 1 :wink: If I understand you correctly, you want to focus on single note lead playing and replicating existing solos. In that case I’d focus on ear training and transcribing. However, I wouldn’t completely get rid of rhythm playing as you will still want to play in time with the rest of the music. For jamming to backing tracks in a certain key, you should first check out Re-Active Listening ™.

Thanks Jozsef, I’ll definitely check out the link. It’s helpful to know there are additional resources I can devote some time and energy into that will help move me towards my principal goal.

I do plan on working my way thru the full guitar course, as I’d like to have a solid, well-rounded foundation under me. There are plenty of acoustic selections in my “favorite music” library that I’m sure lend themselves more readily to a rhythm guitar approach.

Alas, so much music, so much to learn, so little time. But I’m enjoying the journey!

Thanks again for the guidance.

My personal opinion is build out a solid set of the basics. Do grades 2 and 3. After that, go your own way.

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