Firasr - July 2023 - Three Little Birds + Hey Joe + Ain't No Sunshine

Another good one Firas. A great song to learn as well. Strumming and chord changes look real nice.

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Thank you Stefan :blush: It’s become one of my favorite songs to listen to.

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I’ve been practicing this song, and I’ve really enjoyed learning another variation of this song with E-G-A chords and alternate strumming pattern which sounds closer to the original song (thanks again for the tip Sandro!). So I thought I should re-record it:

(recorded using my new Marshall Code 25 amp, Shure SM57 mic, and Zoom G1X Four for drums all plugged into my Volt 2 Audio Interface)


Nice Job, Firas! I like the strumming & think you did really good with your timing & chord changes! When I attempt Ain’t no Sunshine, I keep speeding up, even though the metronome is on…. :man_shrugging:t2:
Only small critique is that once you start playing, I couldn’t hear your drums anymore. You might want to slightly adjust the mix… overall though, WELL DONE & on Target!!!


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Thanks Tod! I made the mistake of recording my drum machine through my amp (guitar > multi-fx> amp > mic > audio interface) which makes it quiet and I couldn’t edit it after the fact. In my re-recording of Hey Joe, I plugged my drum machine into the audio interface directly on a separate input which allowed me to record it on a separate track and adjust the levels until it sounded better.

You live and learn :blush:


Doing well, Firas, audio quality and guitar tone sounding good.


Thanks David :blush:

That’s the extra spice I was talking about Firas :slight_smile: Great work mate!

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Thanks for the advice and the encouragement Sandro :blush:

@pkboo3 Took me some practice, but finally got around to recording How to Save a Life :blush:

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Beautiful vibe!

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Thanks James :blush:

@firasR some really nice sus action in there. I think it was sussing out. About half way thru. I really liked the tone.

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Thanks Jason :blush: I love the simple but subtle tone change of those sus chords and hope to learn more about them in future lessons. I love that song so much I still practice it every day.

I liked this alot. You’re making good progress!

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Thank you Tosh :blush: Glad you enjoyed it.

Nice, great song. I particularly liked the break with the sus 2 and 4 chords, and also thr smooth rhythm changes.

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Thank you Greg! I’ve recorded some of these songs a few times already and getting great feedback from everyone each time that I’ve tried to incorporate in each new recording. Such great songs to learn and grow with :blush:

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Sorry, I didn’t see the question or maybe I didn’t read it anymore. I don’t remember. I stopped playing for months. Not because I lost interest, I just had an awful phase of depression. I didn’t do anything. But I’m back at it again. Playing daily. I’m still in grade 1 though, module 7. But that is mainly due to getting distracted by just jamming and recording and playing all kinds of stuff and not sticking to the plan.
I feel like I play the best guitar I ever played but I still can’t play 5 songs.
I really like your choice of songs, which was the reason I did respond in the first place. I’m a big reggae fan, “Hey Joe” was my first choice and I love “Ain’t no sunshine” and I want to learn it.
I can play The Mavericks “Dance the night away” but it’s only 2 chords, so it’s not that hard. I can play “Hey Joe”. I don’t want to learn “Three little birds” but I got another reggae song which just uses E, D and A, so I got this covered. No idea what to learn for the 5th one but I still have to work on the reggae song and Bill Withers anyway, so there is no rush to decide.

Saw your last post here was in february. Are you still playing?

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Hey @Allaxxor, welcome back to the community! I’ve also been away myself and your post inspired me to jump back into the forums and share some updates on my progress in my journal, so thank you for that :blush:

I’m glad to hear that you’re back playing and enjoying it. I’ve been through a rough time these past 6 months as well, and playing the guitar late in the evenings has really helped me through a lot of it. So keep on rockin’ my friend and hope to see some of what you’re up to as well in the near future :grinning: