Firasr - July 2023 - Three Little Birds + Hey Joe + Ain't No Sunshine

Hey firas,

listened to your new recordings in your journal and I’m impressed, it’s pretty solid! Hearing, you even jam with friends makes me jealous, this sounds like a lot of fun.
I read your response right away and it motivated me to work harder, play longer! Still can’t play the 5 songs though. It bugs me, I just can’t focus. Although I’m so curious what awaits me in Beginner Course Grade 2, but I don’t dare to move on. Man, 5 songs, how hard can it be?! :sweat_smile:

You even have a guy now to teach you? Ouf, I have to step up my game to keep up with you!

I can relate to what you said about the guitar helping you to deal with difficult times. For me it’s music in general but the guitar is proactive and it just feels good.

Wish you all the best!

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Thanks @Allaxxor :blush: Glad to hear that my progress helped motivate you!

About your frustration with playing the songs, I’ll share my experience (which might be completely different than yours) as it might spark some ideas for your own practice to experiment with. I also struggled with learning the songs and even now learning some solos can be extremely frustrating for me every time I attempt to learn a new one. Of course, being as obsessed as I am with my guitar playing, I’d practice longer and longer but I noticed I was playing worse, and retaining less (keep in mind I practice at night after a long day at work and my gym workouts 4 times a week so I was already tired). My 1 hour practice sessions (plus or minus 15 minutes) turned into 1.5 and sometimes 2 hours but I was making less progress. So I dialled back my daily practice session length, and limited my new song learning to 15 mins. a day, and the rest of the 30 - 45 minutes was working on my daily exercises or new lessons in the modules. While it felt like I was doing less, after the first week, things would start to click and I started to develop some muscle memory with the song I’m practicing, then I could work on polishing different parts of it. Some songs would take 2 weeks, others took me 4 weeks (the B.B.King - The Thrill is Gone solos over 2 months now and I’m still work on the vamp/outro solo but I love practicing them every night).

So take from the above what you will, not so much the specific frequency or length of practice, just the general idea of less practice but of higher quality over a longer period of time curbed my tendency to become frustrated, bored, and lose focus which eventually led to better results for me.

And the final insight I had was when I dropped my expectations of how long it should take me to learn a song or solo, I found that I enjoyed my daily practice sessions more which led me to making better progress over time.

Just some food for thought and experimentation :blush:
Hope you continue to enjoy your music and guitar playing, and make the progress that encourages you to keep on going!

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed description of your experience to share it with me! I appreciate it.
It’s true, you can play for “hours” and learn nothing and then in 10 minutes you learn everything. I experienced that too.
I neglecgted to learn the songs while doing the basic course and it was a mistake. I thought I’m able to play every open chord in the lesson and even more but now I realize that learning the songs is a major thing!
It just teaches you so much. So now I’m more focused on this.
But yes, we don’t know the moment when it clicks, so just keep it on is the way to go!

Thx again for the food! :blush:

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