First 3 covers: Coldplay, Tom Jones and Dear Evan Hansen

Hi everyone! Dave here.
I’ve seen a ton of people uploading their covers and guitar progress over here and after introducing myself I wanted to do the same.
I must say, these are not my best covers, mostly because I was tired and had been singing for an hour and a half already :sweat_smile:
They’re all demos, so they’re not complete nor edited but anyway, I would love if you could give them a listen and write me some feedback, mostly about my singing because the guitar strumming wasn’t my main focus to be honest.
I played “Viva la Vida”, “Sexbomb” and “If I could tell her”, in that order. Hope you enjoy!

P.S.: I know my voice sounds quite high for a guy, but that’s because I’m trans. Please refer to me using he/him pronouns.


Enjoying your recording!
Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for listening!!

Those were good. Very nice to hear on a cold Tuesday morning. And I like your voice.

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Thank you very much!

I enjoyed all three of those Dave. The guitar playing was good and I thought the vocals sounded good also. Never heard the third one you did, before. Good stuff.

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Thanks for taking the time to listen to them! I’m glad you enjoyed them

Bravo and congrats on first AVOYPs, Dave. I enjoyed your playing and singing on all three.

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Thank you, appreciate it!!

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