First attempt at Metallica - Sad But True

I was working on beginner grade 3, but then ended up buying a new guitar, tuning to D and got sidetracked a bit…

Might as well take the occasion to post my first video here:

Needed quite a few takes and still a few mistakes here and there but I guess this is a song I will keep working on for a long time (very long for the Kirk solos :laughing:)

Playing along Metallica is something I never thought would ever happen when I started Justin courses 2 years ago, still feels incredible actually! A huge thanks to all the team and the community here, I may not post much but the support was essential.
You all rock :metal:


Excellent @pozz !

Cool doing it on a ES335 (beautiful guitar you got) too. I don’t know metallica, but my suspicion would be they don’t use 335’s.

Great first recording too. Much better than I did.
Very impressive man!

Hello @pozz and congratulations on your first recording :clap::+1::partying_face:!!
Sounds really good :+1:. It’s obvious, that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it.

I absolutely know what you mean. I worked on Enter Sandman some months ago, and it fehlt incredible to play along the original :star_struck:.

Keep in rockin’ :guitar::metal::fire:!

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Very good one!
That Sheraton is looking great too.
And if you want to play along with Metallica you can try For Whom The Bell Tolls and Enter Sandman. Not hard songs at all and you definitely can nail them with a bit of practice.

\m/ Very nice progress you’ve made in 2 years, keep it up!

Was that a backing track with the guitars taken out? I need to get myself some of those - seems like a really great way to practice.

Very cool, I feel like the vibe is dead on. I could head-bang to this for sure.

You nailed it, @pozz!!! You definitely sound very confident and love the tone!


Hope to be able to follow your steps soon.

Great job, you’ve clearly worked very hard :smiley:

Is that a Sheraton II? I have one in “blonde” it’s a wonderful guitar that will last you many years. Keep rocking’!

I’m not a metal fan but you nailed that one pozz. Well done. Also shows that you can can use any type of guitar to play any type of music. :smiley:

Yes! plenty of those on youtube for popular songs, it takes some time to adjust to as I practice along the original which is more forgiving

And thanks all for the kind words ! now off to learn another song on the wrong guitar :sweat_smile:
or maybe to record it again as that wrong note in that intro is really bugging me