First AVOYP: Therion - To Mega Therion

Hi everyone, this is my very first video upload to the forum.

I know I made several mistakes in this take, but if I keep waiting for perfection I’ll never publish anything, so I decided this one would do.

For the people who don’t know this band, Therion is a swedish metal band which incorporates operatic and symphonic elements, and their 1996’s masterpiece album Theli blew my mind the first time I heard it. This here is the second track (and real first song of the album, since the 1st is an intro).

Anyway, here’s it is…


I love some of the older Therion stuff.

I’m not experienced to comment on your playing, I’ll leave that to the experienced folks here. What I’d say is try to be a bit more relaxed, you looked a bit tense. That’s probably because you were recording yourself, I suffer from the same and I make more mistakes, but I’m trying to practice on that too and not think about it when I record my practice session for example.
Also, I liked your tone, it’s tight and nice. Personally I’d remove some of the treble but I listened to the video through my phone’s crappy speaker and not through my headphones so it might be that!

Thanks for sharing that Jaime! Keep it up!

OMG, I almost fell over when I saw this posted! I thought it was a cover of one of my all time favourite bands, Swiss extreme metal pioneers Celtic Frost’s epic album “To Mega Therion”! :scream: :sweat_smile:

Oops! But this is very cool too! :smiley: Not a huge symphonic metal fan and hadn’t heard of Therion but this track is really good and some galloping guitar riffs always suck me in! :metal::sunglasses:

All that aside, great job on playing through this track, lots of changes, slides and single-note riffs to get under your fingers and getting a consistent gallop can be challenging, but thought you did really well with that! Plus great job on the finger tapping solo towards the end! :metal:

100% agree! At some point you have to draw a line in the sand and go with where you’re at, I think you made a great decision as it’s sounding good, just a few things to tidy up which I’m sure you’ll get sorted.

Thanks for sharing and educating me on another quality Swedish metal band! (How does Sweden keep producing so many?! :thinking::sweat_smile: )

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Congrats and bravo on a first AVOYP posting, Jaime, and what a performance. Sure it’s not yet without some mistakes here and there but nothing that took away from the overall experience as a listener as you kept playing and didn’t signal those moments.

So much going on technique wise, moving around the neck, and a wicked metal tone.

Well done, you can celebrate and enjoy the moment.

Hi Jaime,
Your first AVOYP :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:
The men above have already said all the good things, words I’m happy to echo…keep it up, and I look forward to further developments :sunglasses:

Well done Jaime, terrific first AVOYP post, that’s a hefty workout of a song at over 6 minutes! Can’t honestly offer any advice, you did great :+1: :metal: :guitar:

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Jaime and what a way to make an entrance. That was some pretty tasty playing. I loved that little bit of attitude when you finished.