First electric guitar/amp: Epiphone ES-339 and Vox Mini Go 10 or Boss Katana

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I am in grade 2 of Justions course, around module 9/10 with some forward looking at the finger style and blues section. I am playing a Takamine GF30CEB acoustic guitar. I am a slow learner, lacking a bit of progress currently. I am playing only at home. Now I am thinking about buying an electric guitar and an amp. I have already read some threads here about similar topics.

Epiphone ES-339. Because I like traditional Blues and Rock music, semi-hollow guitars are appealing to me. Do you see a drawback to start with a semi-hollow? Or would you suggest another one.

For the amp it is still more complicated. I read that the Boss Katana series is widely suggested on this forum. So, I though about starting with a Katana MK2 50. But it cannot be used good with a looper (I have none, but think I will try one in the future). The Katana MK2 100 is more expensive, bigger, heavier and I need an additional looper. Maybe this is a number to big for my little playing at home.

Alternatively I found that there are some smaller amps coming with a looper on board, e.g. Vox Mini Go 10. Maybe this would be a better one to start with. But of course I would be lacking the many sounds/patches to be found for the Katana on the internet. Anyone having experience with this amp?

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I have the Katana 50 Mk2 and my solution has been to buy a Valeton GP200 multi-fx unit which includes a looper and any pedals I’m likely to need for the near future. I connect the GP200 to the power-amp IN on the back of the amp.
I suppose potentially if I’d planned this in advance better I could have bought a cheaper amp than the Katana because I’m effectively bypassing a lot of what it can do by using the GP200

An electric guitar being solid-body, semi-hollow or hollow-body has nothing to do with its playability. Along with the pickups, the body construction determines the basic tone the guitar will have. You would still use the same playing techniques whether you play a song on a Fender Strat, a Gibson LP, an Epi 339 or some other model.

The best would be to visit a few guitar shops and try what they have available, and then decide which one you liked the most.

It is indeed!

If the Katana 50 had an FX loop, I would suggest that every time.

But the Vox Go looks like a decent amp and has a simple looper built in, which is a huge plus.

I would be on the fence with this one, but I would be tempted to go with the Vox in this case. I’ve never used one, but I have seen decent reviews.

I really do hope that Boss do a MK3 version of the Katana in the near future which has an FX loop on the 50w model (along with a Bluetooth option).



No problems with an ES-339 as a first electric. Make sure you like how it feels in your lap and in your hands, and get it set up if you don’t already know how to do this yourself.

If you’re buying for the long term, I suggest the Katana 100 (with an effects loop) or a Line 6 Catalyst 60 (has an effects loop) and, when budget allows, a Boss RC-5 looper. The RC-5 has a 99 built-in drum tracks (including a metronome), simple bpm control knob, a good-quality 32-bit looper circuit and an intuitive display.

In my experience, “built-in” loopers usually lack in features, ease of use, and recording time. The VOX may be an exception, but I would be skeptical without really comparing the looper features and operation to even a basic looper pedal like the TC Electronic Ditto.

If cost is an issue, look for used equipment.

The Boss RC-5 will be all the looper you will likely ever need, so it is a lifetime purchase. Both the Line 6 Catalyst and the Boss Katana are great starter amps since they allow you to explore just about every kind of guitar effect to see what appeals to you.

Good choice on the Takamine GF30CEB. I have a similar Takamine and I love the tone on mine.

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Thank you for your answers, you all have stated valid points.

Now I am spoilt for choice :slight_smile:

Nothing decided, yet, but I will inform you what I have chosen.

I agree the K100 and a looper like the RC-5 would be a fantastic setup. That’s pretty similar to what I had (I had an RC-3).

But it is more money.



After some additional advice from a friend and a positive test in the German Gitarre & Bass magazine, I just ordered the Ephohone ES-339 and a Line6 Catalyst 60. The looper will come later.


Very cool. Congratulations! (I bought an Epiphone ES-339 a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Beautiful guitar that plays well and sounds good. I’m betting you’ll like it.)

Yes that would be great but I suspect unlikely. Marketing dictates that you need a lower spec entry model that encourages buyers to upgrade to a more expensive model either on the initial purchase or at a later date when they realise they want/need more features.

There’s still features on the 100W that aren’t on the 50W even if you had the FX loop on both.

I’m hoping that the introduction of the Line 6 Katalyst, which does have an FX loop on the entry model, will pressure them to add this.



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