First Finger A Chord

@jjw1 @adi_mrok thanks for the responses.

@stitch Ahhh, thanks for that! I didn’t know that before. I also asked myself about the advantages to play the mini barre, when I’m playing open chords.

Have to try that out compairing acoustic and electric!


How would you upstrum on this?

Just as normal I would have thought Charles as you are muting the high E.

Maybe on acoustic it would sound better or plugged into an amp but hitting the muted high E on my electric sounds pretty bad

If it really bothers not fretting the high E , then you can play another A on the fifth fret of the high E string with your pinky

@cckelly21 I also have issues with the upstrums using the Mini A barre. Upstrums sound not very pleasant on acoustic and electric. Even if my finger is placed correctly and I mute the first string, I get kind of a scratchy tone. Awful. Haven’t found a solution yet.

Try aiming for the middle strings on the upstrum, I find it sounds pretty good. It takes a bit of practice, because we usually hit the top 2 or 3 strings for the upstrum.

BTW, if you are playing an electric unplugged, I’m not surprised you don’t like the sound of the muted string, simply because the other strings are about the same volume. On an acoustic or plugged-in electric, the muted string is much quieter than than the other strings.

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