First finger style - Happy Birthday

Having punk and rock aspirations finger style hasn’t been a big part of my practice routines.

But….I’m into the later beginner modules and there are plenty of skills to learn and I figured I should get a ground level of competence in a few. Since it was my daughters 3rd birthday today I’ve spent the last month or so working on finger style happy birthday.

I played it today as my wife and eldest sang before blowing out the candles. We didn’t record the actual event so I filmed another run.

I coulda hit a couple of the notes a bit cleaner and the some of the base coulda held for longer but I was pretty happy with where I got to in a month.

Here ya go:


Awwww Happy Birth Day Isla :birthday: and good job Dad :star2:

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Hi Rhys,
It’s great that you also learn outside your area of ​​interest…that’s how it should be…

But MUCH more important…happy bithday Isla :partying_face: :unicorn: :hatching_chick: :butterfly: :rose: :bouquet: :birthday: :lollipop: :beverage_box: :confetti_ball: :tada: :balloon:,…and your father did a great job… .

It was quite a difficult tune for me in the beginning, it cost a lot of sweat for no buzzing etc…go for that later on after the party :sunglasses:

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Well played, Rhys.

I applaud your approach to invest time in foundational skills as they are presented, even if not obviously things that may serve your long terms aspirations.

So, just a thought … if you have an electric (I expect you do) then how about playing it through once on a full clean tone, letting the last note ring, and then kicking off an over-driven, superfast, power chord rendition that the Pistol;s would be proud of :wink:

I noticed you uploaded the video as a short. I’d suggest uploading a normal video which you can then embed in your post. I think lots of members like the ability to just watch the video in the Topic, and also in future we can go to your channel and look back on your videos (not sure how that would be done with shorts). Not important, just a thought.

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Cheers David

YouTube poster Newb, didn’t even realise I made a short. I’ll repost the vid and edit the OP. Edit: have tried to re-upload to YouTube as a vid and it auto changes it to a short every time. Clearly I need to add the extra verse to make it a longer video.

Thanks for the feedback and yes, it’s on the cards to go exactly as you said. My wife and I have been laughing about the Ramones version to mr Burns.

“Smithers have the Rolling Stones killed”


I’m not a YT expert, so not sure how to upload a short. But I have seen people upload fairly short videos in the past here, so would not have thought that it was done automatically based on video length. perhaps something for me to investigate when I have some time.

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That was very well played Rhys. I suspect the red light of fear contributed to those buzzing notes but I bet your daughter was well pleased with your “on the night” performance.

Sounded great and what a motivation, playing on Isla’s birthday. I did similar when I was learning a few months ago for my daughters 9th.

Now you’ve spent a bit of time doing some fingerstyle how do you like it? It wasn’t part of my aspirations initially and only after playing some did I grow to love doing it.

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Well done Rhys and Happy Birthday Isla!

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Well done, and Happy Birthday Isla!

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Happy Birthday Isla! You did great!

Thanks everyone for the support.

@jkahn potentially different experience for me. While I enjoyed the dexterity / skill building component of learning this, there are so few song I want to learn that use it. I don’t see myself spending much time on it really.
I think there are other things like percussive strumming and picking strings while strumming and base notes connecting chords that I can see being far more useful to the genres I want to play.

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Nice and smooth, well done. Hope you made Isla another version with some singing!!!

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It sounded really nice! Well done! :slight_smile:

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Nice job - very clear picking - sure your daughter loved it, and hope she had a great birthday!

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