First improv jam

So while I will always listen to Justin religiously, I got a teacher in real life at a music school that has a showcase at the end of each semester. Last semester that’s where I played Pride and Joy. This one we worked on a lot of old school blues, some jazz (drop 2 chords & arpeggios), and some metal. Because I didn’t have just one song, my teacher said “why don’t we just improv” and picked the key of Bb. I worked out some of my favorite licks into a few rounds (even one from Justin in the 2 chorus) and we did it. I said I wanted to do chord stabs first time through to get a feel for the groove and then I went. Was a bit slower than I had practiced so that really left a lot more space than I was expecting. I tried my best to make the changes and not get lost, particularly emphasizing the major 3 on the I, the major 6 on the IV, and either the V or arpeggios on the V. I hope you enjoyBb Blues Jam Session


I enjoyed, David. You got into it as you progressed. You did great I think.

Very good David. You did well to get up and play in front of all those people.
Some good bloozy licks going on there!

Well done David. Some cool moves there. And to do it in front of a live audience is commendable.

Cheers, Shane

What a blast to take to the stage with your teacher and groove your way through an improv David. You cool cat you :smiley_cat:

A great bit of groovin’ there David.